Vaccine Card Is Not Enough For Rhinoplasty Operation!

To Have Rhinoplasty Operation in Istanbul, You Need to Have a Covid PCR Test in Turkey 1 Day Before the Surgery

Vaccine Card Is Not Enough For Rhinoplasty Operation!If you want to have rhinoplasty in Istanbul and you are coming from abroad, the current procedure regarding coronavirus is as follows:

Before the rhinoplasty operation, patients must have a coronavirus PCR test within 1 to 3 days, provided that they are in Turkey, and this test result must be negative. Having or showing the vaccination card alone is not sufficient for the rhinoplasty operation. As a standard practice, we usually send patients to hospitals 1 day before the operation. A covid PCR test can be performed in the hospital where the operation is planned or in any hospital, and this test result must be shown to the hospital before the operation. Surprisingly, if the coronavirus test is positive, the patient is quarantined.

Patients ask us if these test results are sufficient after they get off the plane by taking a coronavirus test before boarding the plane, but as I wrote above, as a standard practice, a Covid PCR test should be done in Turkey before the operation.

Within a week to 10 days after the rhinoplasty operation, I do the control examinations of the patients in the office and we remove the silicone splints inside the nose and the bandages outside the nose. Tape is reapplied to the outside of the nose, but the silicone splint is not placed back into the nose. In other words, after the rhinoplasty operation, the first week is checked, and since there is no silicone splint in the nose, the Covid PCR test can be done carefully. We recommend that the swab stick be advanced parallel to the nasal septum as much as possible during the insertion of the stick in the nose while the coronavirus test is being performed, and that the patients should keep their heads still during the test.

So far, one of our patients, who was found to have a coronavirus infection by chance in the coronavirus tests performed before the operation, was quarantined in Istanbul, but we did not encounter a similar event in the past 1 year in other patients. Again, when our patient went to the airport to come to Istanbul for a rhinoplasty operation, the coronavirus test was positive by chance during the tests performed in their own country and they were quarantined in their own country.

Many hospitals in Istanbul also want a negative result of the covid PCR test for their patient companions.

The person who will stay with the patient in Bahçelievler Memorial hospital, where we frequently perform surgery, must have a negative coronavirus PCR test performed within 1 to 3 days. In fact, this precaution is necessary to protect all patients from coronavirus.

In patients with active coronavirus infection and without symptoms, in patients without any health problems, after the completion of the quarantine period, when the PCR tests are negative several times, an appointment for surgery can be given again.

In this website, you can increase the keyword "coronavirus" by typing in the search button. At Bahçelievler Memorial Hospital, where we frequently perform surgery, our patients have to take a coronavirus test the day before; They also go to the hospital to have blood tests related to anesthesia. In the case of a coronavirus test on the day of surgery, the test result may not come out before the surgery, so we want our patients to have this test at least 1 day before.

I hope you will not have any problems before and after the operation related to the coronavirus. I hope you do not come from far away places and be quarantined.

Murat Enoz, MD, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon

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