Some Hospitals Require A Coronavirus PCR Test For Patient Companions!

Covid Test May Be Required For Patient Companion Also!

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In Some Hospitals, a coronavirus test is also required for the companions next to the patients! I usually prefer to operate in three different hospitals, and a coronavirus test is required for all patients who have undergone surgery at Bahçelievler Memorial Hospital, which is currently the most preferred hospital among these hospitals, and for all attendants who want to stay with the patients waiting in their rooms in the wards of the hospital. It is not enough for you to have a vaccination card or to have a document certifying our immunity against corona as a patient companion at Bahçelievler Memorial Hospital. I usually prefer to give this information in advance, but surprisingly it can sometimes be forgotten and it takes a long time for the patient's companion to obtain a negative PCR test result. 

According to current coronavirus practices, patients who are scheduled for an operation should have a coronavirus test 1 day before the surgery and negative results for the protection virus tests. Patients should have a document or e-document showing the negative PCR test while hospitalized. In fact, it is a much more convenient practice for hospitals to request a coronavirus test for their companions, both for your health and for the health of other people. 

Nowadays, there are publications that especially the young population can be infected with coronavirus disease or hospitalized. Being careful and cautious, taking into account the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and protecting our patients is our basic principle. For this reason, we recommend that people who want to accompany our patients who make an appointment at Bahçelievler Memorial Hospital, have their covid PCR tests done before the operation.

If the person we plan to accompany you as your accompanying person does not have a negative coronavirus floor test, they can wait outside the service and see you again while you are transferred from the elevators to the service after you come from the surgery; however, due to hospital rules, they cannot be with you in your room.

These rules in hospitals are very important these days when the coronavirus omicron variant is especially widespread. The patient in the room next to you, visiting a patient with a positive covid-19 virus, visiting the corridors and taking the elevators, of course, increases the risk of transmission of the disease.

In many other hospitals, this rule does not apply, and even if you do not have any coronavirus test results; Anyone can visit you and stay with you during certain visiting hours.

Murat Enoz, MD, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon

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