We Are in A Beautiful Place in Istanbul Again: Kanlica

Istanbul Bosphorus and Kanlica Coast

Although it is quite cloudy I wanted to share these beautiful photos I took with my mobile phone with you. It is located right by the sea and in Kanlica, a district of Beykoz in Istanbul. It's just a place to stop for breakfast or fish. 

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The place where I took these photos is Yakamoz Restaurant. maybe the photos are a bit amateurish, but a very beautiful place is right under the feet of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. If you have come to Istanbul for rhinoplasty or any surgery, I recommend you to come to this region. Autumn season and cloudy weather, there is a very nice path for walking in this region. After rhinoplasty, it may be beneficial to walk against the cool wind, in consultation with your doctor.

If you walk a little here, you can easily understand that Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I wish you a good time.

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