Herpes Infection Before and After Rhinoplasty

Nasal Herpes and Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Nasal Herpes,herpes simplex virus infection before the rhinoplasty,HSV,
Herpes virus infection in the nasal region can occur before or after surgery. Herpes simplex infection, in other words herpes, may occur due to many different reasons such as stress, hunger, sun rays, contact, fatigue, vitamin deficiency. When I am close to the incisions at the tip of the nose, it may spread to the cartilages after surgery and cause various problems. Sometimes herpes virus infections in combination with bacterial infections can develop into inflammatory lesions. As seen in the photo on the right, in a patient who is scheduled for surgery, all virus lesions and inflamed areas are seen on the nose tip. Maybe the stress of surgery can be said as a reason in this case, but as seen in the photo on the side, it is appropriate to postpone the surgery in patients with herpes lesions and to protect the patient from possible complications. In this way, it is appropriate to use regular sleep vitamin supplements, local anti-herpetic drugs in patients with herpes in the nose before the operation, and to use oral herpes virus drugs in patients with widespread herpes simplex virus infection. Generally, it is appropriate to plan the operation without eating, if it is seen that the lesions on the patient's nasal skin have completely disappeared after the treatment for at least 1 week.

Nasal Herpes After Nose Tip Plasty Operation

Nasal Herpes,herpes simplex virus infection before the rhinoplasty,HSV,

In the photo above, hyperemic and herpes lesions with small amount of bullae on the tip of the nose appearing 10 days after the operation of the patient who underwent nasal tip aesthetic operation. Normally, the patient used the apparatus obtained from intranasal shaping medical silicone called nostrils retainer, but after herpetic lesions were seen, the use of these apparatuses in the nose was stopped. Local antiviral creams were given to the patient and it was planned to increase the oral fluid intake and to increase the sleep time and follow-up. Sometimes, patients may think of skin lesions caused by the herpes virus as a simple stitch reaction or redness after surgical trauma. Herpes skin lesions may be in the form of slightly reddened, painful blisters. Patients may first describe a pins-and-needles or burning sensation when they touch the tissue in the lesion area. On closer inspection, typical features of herpetic lesions can be seen. If you see such lesions in the early period after the surgery, you should definitely consult your ent doctor.

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