Horizontal Lip Line After Rhinoplasty

Strange Lip Crease Under The Nose When Smiling After Nose Job

Upper lip line, Lip crease under the nose, Horizontal crease under nose after rhinoplasty

After undergoing rhinoplasty (nose job), some individuals may notice changes in the appearance of their upper lip and the presence of a crease under the nose when they smile. This phenomenon can occur due to the alterations made to the nasal structure during the surgery, particularly if the surgery involved changes to the nasal tip or the relationship between the nose and the upper lip.

Why Does Horizontal Lip Line Happen After Rhinoplasty?

This is usually caused by changes in the movement dynamics between the tip of the nose and the upper lip. Upper lip crease may occur if the following situations occur during open rhinoplasty and after surgery:

- Prominent and long columellar strut graft. Especially when a prominent columellar sturt graft is used that touches the base of the nose, there is a decrease in the flexing capacity of the tip of the nose when laughing normally and the upper lip may curl upwards, causing a line to appear on the upper lip when laughing.
- Hanging columella. After excessive septal extension grafting, which may cause the columella to sag towards the upper lip, sagging of the medial legs of the alar cartilage, and other columellar graft applications, there is a decrease in the upper lip's ability to stretch upwards when smiling, and a fold or horizontal line may appear on the upper lip while laughing.
- After excessive didection and graft applications at the tip of the nose, the dynamics of the muscles holding the upper lip may change and this may cause the upper lip line to appear, especially when smiling. Rhinoplasty may affect the elevation and rotation of the upper lip. If the upper lip is elevated or rotated differently than it was before the surgery, it can lead to a change in the way the upper lip interacts with the nose, potentially resulting in a visible crease when smiling.
- The tip of the nose being excessively hard and losing its flexibility may also cause this upper lip line to appear when smiling. In other words, when you smile, as the upper lip moves upwards towards a motionless nose tip, an unsightly fold may form inside the upper lip.
- Abnormal scar formation within the nose wings and nose tip skin and decreased elasticity at the tip of the nose may also facilitate the appearance of this line.

Upper lip line, Lip crease under the nose, Horizontal crease under nose after rhinoplasty

How to Treat Upper Lip Line After Rhinoplasty?

Considering the reasons listed above, treatment can be planned for the patient. It is recommended to remove the grafts from the patient's nasal tip and columella by planning a revision rhinoplasty operation, to replace them with more flexible and smaller grafts, to treat the hanging columella and to remove excess grafts, to shorten the columellar strut graft. Roughly speaking, to make the nasal tip flexible and to move the columella upward and to its normal position. transportation operations can be done. Apart from these, fillers and botox applications to the line on the upper lip may be beneficial.

If there is no other deformity in the nose, planning a revision rhinoplasty only for the upper lip line may not be easy for the patient. Non-surgical fillers and botox applications can be tried.

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