Closure of Three Separate Septum Perforations - Before and After 3 Months Postoperatively

Septal Holes Repair - Before and After

Small (3 mm), Slightly Larger (1x1.5 cm) and Larger (2x3 cm) Septum Perforations in Total

In the examination of the patient, who developed nasal septum perforation after septoplasty operation performed in a different clinic, and who developed second and third nasal septum perforation after recurrent septum perforation repair, the fak (3 mm), slightly larger (1x1.5 cm) and larger A total of 3 nasal septal perforations (2x3 cm) were detected.

3rd Month After Open Technique Nasal Septum Perforation Repair - A Successful Result!

The patient underwent septum perforation repair operation using open technique, rib cartilage and ethmoid perpendicular plate. At the patient's follow-up 3 months later, the endoscopic nasal examination video was re-recorded after the internal nasal silicone splints were removed. In the control examination, it is seen that all perforations are closed successfully.

Recurrent unsuccessful septum perforation can reduce the chance of repair and success!

Repeated surgical procedures on the same area may cause both an increase in the diameter of the perforation and a decrease in tissue blood circulation, thereby reducing the chance of successful complete closure. As in this case, it has been reported that new perforations were added and the diameter of the main hole increased after nasal septum perforation repair operations performed in another clinic, according to the patient's history.

As the diameter and number of nasal septum perforations increase, nasal physiology deteriorates!

The larger the diameter of the nasal septum hole, the higher the number of perforations, the greater the deterioration in intranasal physiology. When the septum defect is excessive, as in this patient, complaints such as bleeding in the nose, dryness, crusting, and dryness in the respiratory tract may occur quite clearly.

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