Empty Nose Syndrome

Watch this video if you have a nose congestion, why your turbinate is very important!

Empty nose syndrome is characterized by exaggerated enlargement of the airways in the nose and the resulting nasal dryness, pain in the nose, air starvation and other symptoms that may occur after aggressive nose surgeries.

In the nose called "turbinate" inside the blood vein network, outside the airway epithelium and covered with mucus cover, the air taken to warm the air, refining, moisturizing, pressurizing protection and minimal traumatic operations is very important. The aggressive reduction or surgical removal of turbinates may cause the Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS).

I wanted to share this very detailed "Empty Nose Syndrome" video as a proof of the "respect for anatomy" and proof that no tissue is unnecessary.

In the video, when the turbinates are over-minimized or surgically removed, it is seen how the air flow becomes linear and fast, which is how the air from the nose gets into a single bundle, which is normally rotated and slowly into the nose.

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