Video Talks By Dr.Murat Enoz - Nasal Septum Peroration Closure Success

Why Does Surgical Success Decrease As The Diameter of The Perforated Septum Hole Gets Larger?

Nasal septum perforation surgical success - Dr.Murat Enöz
Nasal septum peroration
, that is, a hole in the nasal septum, may cause adverse effects on nasal functions. Especially in patients with anterior and wide septum perforation, complaints such as acceleration of intranasal air flow, dryness of the nasal mucosa, thick and sticky nasal secretion, nosebleeds and crusting in the nose may occur.

As the diameter of the septum perforation increases, the air flow velocity in the hole increases, the structural changes in the mucosa at the edges of the hole, drying and bleeding increase. Also, the larger the diameter of the hole, the longer the mutual closing time of the mucosa. During the closure of nasal septum perforation procedure, even if cartilage grafts or mucosal flaps are placed correctly; since the graft is placed in an area with reduced blood supply and an altered anatomy, the exact millimeter closure success does not exceed 60% in large holes. Some two-stage procedures have an increased success rate for treatment of nasal septum perforation. Open or closed technical operations can be performed to close the septum peroration. Link with detailed information about perforated nasal septum:
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