Wrong Nose Massage In Early Period After Rhinoplasty May Cause Nose Shape Problems!

Nose Massage After Rhinoplasty

Wrong nose massage after rhinoplasty - Haw can you do nose massage after rhinoplasty? - Nasal exercises after rhinoplasty - Nasal skin massage technique after nose job - Massaging nose after rhinoplasty - Post rhinoplasty massage for swelling - How to massage your nose after rhinoplasty? - Nose massaging after rhinoplasty

Nasal massage after nose surgery (rhinoplasty) may be useful for the healing of edema and resolving of accumulated lymph fluids. It should be determined by the physician who evaluates the patient how the nose massage should be done and which area should be done. Each nose is not the same massage, massage is applied to the area is edematous. Improper nose massage may cause disruption of the nasal support tissues, slippage in the nasal septum, fall at the tip of the nose, and displacement of placed cartilage grafts. Sewing threads used in nose aesthetics are very thin and usually absorbable. Therefore, applying the asymmetric pressure after the nasal aesthetic may cause the smoothed area to slump and slide. I advise my patients to check themselves in the mirror and massage them the way I described, after having a baby oil in their hands, after the nose surgery.

Especially during the first few weeks after rhinoplasty operation, the healing of bone and cartilage tissue is very fast. In this period, inappropriate and traumatic nasal massages may cause nasal shaped adverse effects and asymmetric tissue changes.

Nasal massage techniques and applications after rhinoplasty are controversial. Recommendations about these massage techniques after nse job may vary between clinics and physicians. Please do not apply any nose massage after earlier period of rhinoplasty oepation without consulting your doctor.

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