A Few Details For International Have Empty Nose Syndrome Patients Who Want to Injection of Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid Filler To Turbinate

Details For International ENS Patients Who Want to Injection of Cross-Linked HA Gel Injection To Turbinate

Cross-linked HA gel injection to turbinate for treatment of ENS - Empty Nose Syndrome - Hyaluronic acid gel in the treatment of empty nose syndrome - Empty Nose Syndrome - Treatment of Empty Nose Syndrome - Treatment of Empty Nose Syndrome in Istanbul

I am daily getting many messages from patients from different countries with ENS (Empty Nose Syndrome). I want to add some details about cross-linked HA nasal filler injection to turbinate for treatment of ENS.

Cross-linked HA gel injection to turbinate for treatment of ENS

➤  In patients with empty nose syndrome, it is possible to very less benefit from cross-linked HA nasal filler injection if the turbinates are taken almost completely.

➤ Cross-linked hyaluronic gel acid injections are generally done on the anterior part of the inferior turbinates that are partially taken or minimized, but it is not possible to completely reconstruct a tissue.

➤ In order to narrow the cross-sectional area of ​​the air, such as mathematical calculation. The turbinate tissue is enlarged with cross-linked hyalurinic acid gel injection and this help to reducing of nasal air passage (in patients with large amounts of reduced turbinate cause to abnormal increase of air passage)

➤ The duration of action after cross-linked HA gel injection may vary depending on the metabolic rate of the filler and the volume of the turbinates. The duration of action may vary from several months to one year.

➤ I use to lip filler that contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers, which are usually produced for lip filling, as the turbinate tissues are close to lip tissue

➤ Modified Young's surgery or Young's surgery may be a more suitable option in patients who do not have inferior turbinates or are nearly completely reduced.

➤ There is no standardized treatment protocol for empty nose syndrome in the world.

Cost of cross-linked HA gel injection to turbinate for treatment of ENS

cross-linked HA gel injection to turbinate for treatment
In the photo above, there is the image before and after the injection of gel fillers containing hyaluronic acid to the right and left inferior turbinates. The increase in turbinate volume is easily understood. Although this effect is not permanent; It has a much longer duration of action than prp injection and can help determine whether patients are satisfied with turbinate augmentation or nasal passage narrowing.

There is a processing fee of 250 - 350 Euros per syringe with sterile cross-linked HA. The total process and material fee is 750 Euros when the filling application is done by opening 3 syringes in the office conditions.

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