Nose Filler Injection For Pollybeak Deformity

Treatment of Pollybeak Deformity With Filler

Treatment of Pollybeak Deformity With Filler

Pollybeak Deformity is a complication of rhinoplasty operation, with the appearance of a bird beak-like appearance when viewed nasally, particularly on the side. The Cartilage Pollybeak Deformity and Soft Tissue Pollybeak Deformity can be divided into two.

In the above and in the following photos, the filling contains injected hyaluronic acid with cross-linked hyaluronic acid to the patient's Pollybeak Deformity and has pre- and post-injection views.

Although there is no permanent treatment; It is an alternative to surgical treatment.

Links to more detailed information about this topic >> Soft Tissue Pollybeak Deformity / Pollybeak Deformity - Definition, Causes, Classification, Treatment

Treatment of Pollybeak Deformity With Filler Video

Treatment of Pollybeak Deformity With Filler

Treatment of Pollybeak Deformity With Filler

Treatment of Pollybeak Deformity With Filler

Treatment of Pollybeak Deformity With Filler

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  1. Is this the solution for all pollybeak what if your tip is weak.i have been having non surgical nose job elsewhere .seem to be focusing in more filler in septum to looks nice for few weeks and then end up with bulkier tip .is it weighing it down and should avoid tip area completely and should be done like in the video .to work on bridge only?

    1. Hello, the nose filler process done here is only done for the purpose of filling the dorsum of the nose, so there is no filling, especially in the nose tip or in the supratip area. It is already effective in a very limited time when nasal fillings are used to manage the nose tip upwards, but when the non surgical nose job process is performed repeatedly to the dorsum of the of the nose, pollybeak nasal deformity is also become less visible in timely. long-term positive results can be obtained. Of course, although it does not have a permanent effect like a surgical procedure; It is preferred because it is practical and changes in nose shape in a short time in patients.


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