Anatomical Details For "A Beautiful Nose Tip"

How To Be A Beautiful Nose Tip?

In order for the nose tip to be perceived as beautiful, the nose generally does not go beyond the proportions of the face, there are no different anatomical defects on the person's face and the mood of the outsider can be effective. If a person's facial features are proportional and the tip of the nose is referred to as a beautiful appearance, the anatomical details listed below are likely to be present at that nose.

Nasal Tip Defining Point

Nasal Tip Defining Point

The lower end part of the nose is called the "nose tip". When looking at the tip of the nose, the first point of interest is the "tip of defining point" that corresponds to the highest point of the cartilage at the tip of the nose.

The prominence of the nose tip definin point gives the impression that the nose tip support is good. It is a very important area in making the nose tip look beautiful and providing the characteristic appearance of the nose.

Supratip Break Point

Supratip Break Point

On the nose, when viewed from the front, the above the "nose tip" area is called as the "supratip" . When viewed from the side, a point of rise or angulation from the nasal supratip section can be noticed. This region is called the ”supratip break point Bu. The presence of the supratip breakpoint may mean that the nasal tip support is good. Although it is not mandatory to have a nice nose; in most beautiful noses this point can be detected, albeit less prominent.

Nasolabial Angle

Nasolabial Angle

The nasolabial angle is the angle between the the upper lip and columella.It determines the nose tip position. It is wider in females and ranges from about 100 to 110 degrees, whereas it is narrower in males and ranges from about 90 to 105 degrees. The nasolabial angle is greater than normal in individuals with raised nose. In people with a nasal tip less than normal, this angle is lower than normal. In summary, this is an ugly nasal tip where the nostrils are seen above normal degrees, and lower nasal tip is seen below these degrees.

Columella-Lobular Breakpoint

columella-lobular breakpoint

The nasal lobule is located above the nostrils, located beneath the supratip breaking point, containing the soft tissue at the tip of the nose. This angle between the lobule and columella shows the rotation at the nasal tip and is called "columella-lobular breakpoint". This angle is normally between 95-100 degrees for females and 90-95 degrees for males.

Angle of Divergence

Angle of Divergence

"Angle of divergence" is called the angle of divergence between the peaks (domes) of the inner legs of the alar cartilages, which are the two cartilages forming the roof of the nose wings and the limbs. This angle is normally 30 degrees and below. The distance between the angle increases domains (interdomal distance) increases and nasal tip of rectangular appearance (boxy nasal tip) occur. This angle is very important for the formation of the columella-lobular angle.

Nose Tip Projection

Ethnic revision rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey

In the profile of the face is the distance between the nose tip of the nose flap and the point of the nose. Since the base of the nose is equilateral triangular, the width of the nose is almost equal to the nose projection.The nasal tip projection is used to define the distance from the tip of the nose to the face. The excess of this tip leads to an unwanted negative visual appearance (such as pinocchio).

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Dream Cast: Pinocchio
Many methods are used to evaluate nose tip projection. Several methods have been developed to determine nasal projection. These;

Byrad method; The ideal nasal tip - nasal type projection is 0.67 x nose length.

Nasal tip projection is associated with upper lip height. This relationship is defined as the Simons method. In this definition, the height of the upper lip is evaluated by the relationship between the nasal tip and the nasal tip pronasale, which is the beginning of the nasal collar. This relationship should be 1: 1.

Goode method; 55-60% of the line between the nasion and the nose wings-face junction point gives the nose projection.

Crumley method; The nose is first likened to an upright triangle with 3-4-5 ratios between the edges. In this triangle, the distance between the nasion and the nasal tip is hypotenuse. The other sides of this triangle are the lines between the nasion and the nose wings-face junction, nose wings-face junction-to-nose end. The nose projection should be up to the edge with a nose 3 ratio.

Baum rates; The length of the perpendicular line drawn from the tip of the nose to the nasion-subnasion line. It was found to be 2.8.

The mean projection of the nasal tip projection measured horizontally between the subnasal and the nasal tip was 15.5 ± 2.8 mm. An adult larger than 20mm in the nose; It is considered to be less than 14mm.

Nasal tip projection is associated with upper lip height. This relationship is defined as the Simons method. In this definition, the height of the upper lip is evaluated by the relationship between the nasal tip and the nasal tip pronasale, which is the beginning of the nasal collar. This relationship should be 1: 1.

The Aim of Nose Tipplasti Is To Obtain A Natural Nose!

A simple animation showing how a nice nose tip emerged

Nose Tip Plasty
It is seen that the angle and anatomical breakpoints described above occur. These methods, which are an important part of nose aesthetics, provide a significant change in the facial appearance of the person. The procedure and techniques to be used in order to create a nice and natural nasal tip should be determined separately for each patient. Because each human face structure is different, nose tip aesthetics surgery to create a nose tip in ideal anatomic proportions is a difficult procedure that requires attention and foresight.

You can find detailed information and before after photos for nasal tip aesthetic operation >> Nasal Tip Plasty and Nose Tip Lifting

Nose Tip Plasty Videos:

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