Rhinoplasty Healing Properties by Week and Month

Rhinoplasty recovery for weeks and months

Healing Properties by Week and Month For Rhinoplasty - Digital Animation Photo

Recovery time after nose aesthetics depends on various factors, including the surgical techniques used and the amount of reconstruction. The recovery time changes after the nose aesthetics, and your surgeon may recommend that you take a week off from your work so that you can have a comfortable first period of recovery. Recovery is easier after the first few weeks. However, it may take you about 1 to 2 years to get full results from your nasal aesthetic procedure. Especially in patients with very severe skin characteristics, complete recovery can be longer than 2 years after complicated revision nose surgery.

Recovery characteristics after rhinoplasty according to time intervals

First week after rhinoplasty

The first few days after the nose of the nose is the most difficult and you may face some discomfort. You may not be able to breathe comfortably from your nose, because the nose is covered with tape, and the nostrils may also have an internal splint. It is normal to have swelling and bruising at this stage. Towards the end of the week, especially when your plastic surgeon takes out the splint and tape, you will feel better.

Three Days After Rhinoplasty - Healing

Six Days After Rhinoplasty - Healing

The photographs of the patient on the 3rd and 6th days after the nose aesthetic operation are shown above. The bruising and swelling that increase in the first 3 days usually enter a period of decrease after the 3rd day.

1 week after the ethnic rhinoplasty operation, before and after the surgery (the photos below are seen before and 7 days after the rhinoplasty operation performed on a female patient with thick skin features. Swelling on the nose is remarkable.)

One Week After Ethnic Rhinoplasty Operation

One Week After Ethnic Rhinoplasty Operation

One Week After Ethnic Rhinoplasty Operation

One Week After Ethnic Rhinoplasty Operation

One Week After Ethnic Rhinoplasty Operation

Second week after nose aesthetic surgery

In the second week, swelling and bruises begin to disappear and the people you encounter in everyday life do not notice the aesthetics of your nose. You'll probably be ready to go back to work at this point, but you will need to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting. It is normal for your skin to be extra sensitive after the nose aesthetics, so you should be protected from sunlight.

First month

Nose aesthetic recovers most patients within about a month to the recovery period. Nevertheless, there may be some numbness, especially at the tip of the nose, but now you will be able to see the first surgical results much more clearly. At this point you'll be ready for moderate physical activity and you'll usually wear glasses or sunglasses.

Second month

As the swelling continues to decrease, you will notice that your nose is getting better. You're almost recovering at this stage, so you'll often go back to your normal routine. However, you will still have to avoid contact sports.

6-12 months after rhinoplasty

After about six months, you will return to your sports. For many patients, at this point nasal swelling goes, but still need to wait 12 months. At that time, your nose will be healed inside and outside and you will see your full results.

12-24 months after rhinoplasty

Most patients report little change in this process interval. Particularly in patients with thick skin, the time required for complete recovery can be more than 2 years. In other words, nasal volume reduction is evident in the time interval between 12 and 24 months in patients with thick-skinned ethnic nose. Successful results of nose aesthetics depend on many criteria. Among these, the surgeon's knowledge, experience and aesthetic perspective play a very important role. Then the patient's preparation for the operation process, compliance with the instructions and realistic expectations also affect the results of the operation. Knowing the healing process fully helps the patient to be conscious and patient. All surgeons have their own methods and philosophies behind the methods of making primary rhinoplasty. However, the two main approaches determine the post-operative recovery process in this operation. Some surgeons prefer to perform primary rhinoplasty by making incisions in the nostrils and working on the underlying structures with these incisions.

When does the swellingdisappear after rhinoplasty?

Nasal edema is a physiological condition that develops spontaneously. The process is also a result of surgical trauma and edema that is natural. It should be seen as part of the healing process. Nasal edema after rhinoplasty surgery, as well as predominance is dominant, cause an effect to delay healing. The occurrence of edema and the loss of its effect in each region of the nose is different. The edema that occurs first descends from top to bottom and disappears over time. The problem of edema occurring in people with a thick skin structure improves later, and those with a thin skin structure develop earlier. The healing of edema occurs between 80-90% within 6-7 months after surgery. Therefore, the skin structure and thickness of the patients should be evaluated before surgery.

Nose aesthetics give you the chance to improve the shape and size of your nose and balance with other features of your face.

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