Local Anesthetic Infiltration Before Revision Nose Surgery Can Provide Information About The Difficulty Of The Surgery!

Injected local anesthetic drug into the skin of the nose and it comes out again from the nose

Local Anesthetic Infiltration, Revision Nose Surgery, Stitch Reaction

Revision rhinoplasty operations are operations in which many details such as "opening a surprise box" can be understood during surgery and sometimes complicated procedures may be required. In the photograph above and in the video below, the patient had undergone "alar base resection" operation for the purpose of nasal esthetics twice and constriction of the nasal wings at the same time, where the local anesthetic drug can be injected very hard under the skin before the operation and it is seen that it comes out again from the nose.

In the video above, the patient had previously reported infection and bleeding in areas where the injected drug was released. In the intra-nasal examination, it can be predicted that the line-shaped incision area of ​​the left nose wing is very thin and there may be tissue reaction due to permanent suture materials; it is not easy to understand that other areas may also have subcutaneous recurrent tissue reactions.

Revision rhinoplasty and be prepared for surprises!

The main objective is to terminate the procedure with the least possible surgical trauma during the revision aesthetic nose surgeries. It is necessary to be prepared for "surprise" and to be informed before the surgery that the patient may need additional cartilage tissue (such as auricle, rib cartilage) or temporal membrane (temporal fascia).

Difficult revision nose aesthetics

The drug, injected from different areas on the nose, as shown in the video, signaled that it would be a "difficult revision rhinoplasty operation". In this patient, permanent subcutaneous suture materials were removed and small cartilage grafts were implanted under the skin.

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