Open Technique Nose Tip Correction Surgery

Open Technique Primary or Revision Nose Tip Plasty in Istanbul

Open Technique Nose Tip Correction Surgery - Open Technique Primary or Revision Nose Tip Plasty in Istanbul

Asymmetry may be seen in the nasal tip due to previous nose surgeries, traumas or genetic reasons. As shown in the photo above, the patient had undergone trauma and a nose surgery, and an open technique tip plasty operation was performed for the nasal tip asymmetry.

Technical details:

The patient in the photograph above was performed in the following order:

- Open technique columellar incision
- Limited alar cephalic resection
- Alar dom equalizer sutures
- Columellar strut graft application
- Hat graft application
- Left marginal rim grafti application
- Insertion of subcutaneous soft tissue in the right alar dome with external basket suture

In the above photo, it is seen that the right nostril is pre-round, the left nostril is an upright ovoid and both nostrils are close to each other postoperatively.

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It can be done under local anesthesia but local anesthetic injection is a bit painful­čśĆ

This procedure can only be performed under local anesthesia or local + sedation anesthesia; Note that local anesthetic injection before the procedure may be painful. It will be more comfortable for you under general anesthesia.

External nasal cast is not required after the procedure!

Since the nasal bone is not fractured, the placement of an external nasal cast used after the rhinoplasty operation is generally not necessary. However, tape may be applied outside the nose.

Nasal Tip Plasty in Istanbul,Nose Tip Correction Surgery,

After the procedure, the face and under the eye will not bruise!

Since the nasal bone is not broken, there is no bruising around the eyes and face. However, bruising may occur if a nasal hump reduction / rasping is performed with a nasal tip plasty operation.

After revision open technique nose tip plasty operation, external cartilage grafts may be required!

In patients who have undergone previous nasal surgery and do not have sufficient cartilage tissue in the anzal septum, the patient's own ear auricle cartilage, rib cartilage, or cadaver rib cartilage may be required during the procedure. In this case, total operation cost and operation time will change.

Cost of open technique primary or revision nose tip plasty operation in Istanbul

In primary cases, the total cost of the procedure (including one-day hospitalization, all blood tests, surgical supplies, and doctor fees) varies from 2500 to 3500 US Dollars, depending on the hospital; revision nasal tip plasty operation costs vary between 3000 - 4000 US Dollars depending on hospitals and additional cartilage graft applications.

Operation can be done without the use of nasal packing / buffer!

Nose tip correction surgery can be terminated without using nasal packing. However, I prefer to use a nasal silicone splint in patients who have undergone septoplasty or turbinate radiofrequency with nose tip aesthetic surgery.

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