Speech Therapy and Muscle Exercises After The Tongue Tie Relase Surgery

Tongue Tie and Speech Therapy After It's Release Surgery

Tongue tie relase surgery in Istanbul

What is the "tongue tie"?

Ankyloglossia (Hypertrophic Lingual frenulum / Tongue Tie), normally under the tongue and in the midline of the lingual frenulum, causing the tongue to remain attached to the base of the mouth; it means that it is shorter or bold than normal.

Anterior and posterior tongue ties

Anterior tongue tie and posterior (submucosal) tongue tie

According to two separate tongue tie classifications, tongue ties were first classified as anterior tongue tie and posterior tongue tie (submucosal tongue tie). in one classification, anterior tongue ties are classified as Type I, II and III; Posterior tongue ties are classified as Type IV tongue tie.

While anterior tongue can be easily noticed and seen during tie; the back tongue ligament can only be understood during a manual examination.

Kotlow Tongue Tie Classification System - Image source: https://www.mommypotamus.com

Tongue tie surgery is delayed and the tongue is in the position adjacent to the base of the mouth after tongue tie operation, speech disorder and difficulty in some words may persist for months. Children with tongue tie find it difficult to say the letters “d, n, l, r, t, z ği in which the tongue needs to be touched by the upper teeth and the palate while speaking. In children 3 years old and older, whose tongue is attached to the base of the mouth due to the tongue bond, the difficulty of removing these letters may attract the attention of the parents.

In fact, this can be thought of as "an athlete who is prevented from using his long-term muscles needs a certain amount of time to use his muscles normally after this obstacle is removed".

Children who are late for tongue tie release operation and who have postoperative speech problems will also be followed by a speech and language specialist and families should be informed about the speech therapies.

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Tongue exercises to be performed in adult patients after Tongue tie relase surgery

This is a very nice video of tongue exercises that should be done after tongue tie release surgery in adult patients. It was taken from Dr. Audrey Yoon 's Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHyWx7gHmKEw61GR8DfR1Xw),  I want to say "thanks for sharing to her". It's a pretty nice a sample of  "Myofunctional Therapy Exercises" for tongue muscles.

Tongue tie speech problems

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