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Snoring and sleep position

In patients with snoring and sleep apnea, there are various problems such as soft palate sagging, tonsil hypertrophy, elongated uvula causing narrowing of the airway. Since these patients lie on their side and face, these tissues fall forward. orping pads were developed to expand the airways by changing the position during sleep in patients snoring. When you lie down on that pillow, your airlines are expanded. Snoring cushions can make it easier for people snoring and lying on their back.

Other than that, it is thought that it can comfort the patient because it contains various herbal products. Snoring patients relax because they lie sideways and face down. This is because the clogged regions come to the fore with the effect of gravity. The snoring pillow is used during sleep. When the patient sleeps with a snoring pillow, it is difficult to lie on his back. These pillows have different features. There is a protrusion in the middle. Some also have spaces in the middle. In this way, the patient can lie on his side more comfortably.

What kind of pillows can be used to prevent snoring?

Snoring pillows are pillows with different features designed to facilitate side-lying in patients with snoring and sleep apnea. Some of them are harder and taller than the middle part, and have a design that makes it easier to turn around during sleep.

Among the pillows that are sold online under the heading "snoring pillow":

Snoring pillows are sold with features of herbal content, Visco-elastic content, Massaging head memory during sleep.

In addition, many patients suffering from sleep apnea oy snoring complained of different mechanisms when lying on their side.

Similarly, for patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease, there are cushions that keep the head tilted upwards.

There are also pillows placed on the abdomen that facilitate side-lying for the last periods in which the need for weight gain and side-lying increases during pregnancy.

Snoring pads can only be used for temporary patient comfort. It is appropriate for a patient with sleep apnea and snoring to consult an ENT specialist who is interested in sleep medicine. For the treatment of snoring, the patient's airways should be evaluated by a specialist. The effect of the products sold with the slogan son snoring ", are remedy for snoring,, kesin definitive solution to snoring, and çözüm snoring solution genellikle is generally limited.

How should the ideal pillow be?

The quality of the pillow and the bed are of course important for the quality of sleep. It is very important that the pillows and mattresses are orthopedic and hypoallergenic. Especially in patients with anatomical problems such as cartilage curvature that necessitates side-lying on the nose, presence of nasal valve problems or tonsil growth that makes it difficult to sleep on the back, prolongation of the palate, small tongue elongation, large tongue or excess of jaw fat, makes shoulder and bed easier. One of the pillows outlined in the above features can be considered to prevent neck pain. It is best to evaluate the patients who benefit from the snoring pillow by the ENT doctor and to refer them to a permanent snoring treatment protocol. Airway strictures in the mouth and nose cannot be treated with just one pillow. Unfortunately, as the number of patients suffering from snoring increases, many products that are claimed to be anti-snoring and that are produced in an abusive manner are sold in the market.

Pillows do not go, except on the Internet snoring pillow back support pillow, neck hernia pillow, back pillow, seat waist pillow, waist pillow, baby pillow, lumbar support pillow, breast feeding pillow, reflux pillow, pregnant pillow, seat pillow ... he and a lot more pillow types are sold.

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