Can Anti-Snoring Nose Devices Stop Snoring Alone?

Snoring and Anti Snoring Nasal Dilator Clips

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There are many products on the Internet that have been marketed as a "snoring anti-snore apparatus". When snoring is so common, it may seem normal to sell more than 300 products as a non-surgical treatment!

What is snoring?

Snoring occurs when the soft tissues of the upper respiratory tract, the small tongue and tonsils are loosened during sleep, narrowing the airway. These tissues, as a result of narrowing of the airway while breathing and snoring sound occurs when shaking. The severity of snoring varies depending on how narrow the airway is. Normally adult people are seen snoring occasionally near halfway. On average, one in five people has continuous snoring. It is more common in men than in women, but also in women.

Causes of snoring

Most snores are caused by overweight and are greatly reduced by overweight. Apart from obesity, respiratory problems can also cause snoring. The frequency and severity of snoring increases with age. Snoring can also seriously affect a person's family life. The snoring person may be the subject of ridicule and may be shown by other individuals as responsible for their sleeplessness. Snoring can also seriously affect a person's health and quality of life. The person is drowsy at night because he cannot rest enough at night. In people who snore, high blood pressure is more common. The most dangerous form of snoring is sleep apnea. In this way, people who snore, breathing for a while after snoring remains. Repeated breathing for more than 10 seconds can endanger life. Snoring can cause problems such as insomnia during daytime, distraction, exhaustion, drowsiness while driving and working. Snoring can lead to illnesses such as high blood pressure and heart diseases.

The sound of snoring may reach traffic noise in some people

Snoring is the sound generated by the vibration of the upper respiratory tract due to turbulence caused by air passing through the upper respiratory tract, which is narrowed during sleep. The speed of the air we breathe increases or decreases in proportion to the diameter of the upper airway due to physical rule. The narrower the upper airway, the higher the air we breathe, the greater the severity of snoring. In some people, snoring reaches 80-90 dB, which is equal to traffic noise. It is impossible for other people to sleep in the room where there are people snoring at this intensity.

Snoring is a social problem

Snoring is a social problem, regardless of its severity. This situation seriously threatens family life. The snoring person and his sleeping partner do not want to sleep together. In some cases, even rooms can be separated. The snoring person is responsible for the sleepless nights for other members of the family, and the unwanted roommate on holiday and business trips.

Snoring treatment

Many types of snoring can be treated. Therefore, it would be beneficial for the snoring to consult a doctor without neglecting it. However, some changes in one's self and lifestyle will help stop snoring. First of all, people who snore should try to lose their excess weight if they have excess weight, not to consume heavy foods, not to use alcohol, to exercise and should be careful not to get tired. They should also prefer to lie on their back instead of lying on their back. The Snoring Cushion can help reduce snoring complaints as it helps keep the airway open and prevent tissue tremor.

I would like to write a few frequently asked questions and answers:

What is the "snore stopper nose breathing apparatus" or "anti-snoring device"?

The nose breathing apparatus is the products that are inserted into the nose, expanding the nasal airway, allowing the breathing through the nose to pass with less resistance and used for temporary solution of the nasal congestion problem. The nose apparatus can also be used as a non-surgical temporary and therapeutic aid in the treatment of snoring. Snore nose apparatus and other therapeutic means can be used together for therapeutic purposes.

How to use the anti-snoring nose device?

The nose apparatus is generally inserted by inserting it into the nose. It is generally used to relax the nasal wings and the narrowest airway region within the nose, the "nasal valve region".

Does the anti-snoring nose device work?

Nasal apparatus wearers can generally state that nasal congestion is considerably reduced when the apparatus is in place. However, while these apparatuses rotate during sleep, they are dislodged by rubbing them onto the pillow or bed. They can only provide temporary relief. They cannot provide the permanent effect of a successful nose surgery.

Anti-snoring nose device, snore stopper nose clips, nose breathing apparatus, nasal dilators, silicone nose clip, 

The sound of snoring is most often caused by soft palate vibration and less frequently by vibration of mucosal surfaces in other airway areas. Nasal obstruction may additionally lead to open mouth sleep and further closure of the airway; the amount of oxygen absorbed from the lungs may be reduced due to the inability of the nose to perform its functions such as humidifying the air, purification, heating and pressurization. Treatment of existing nasal obstruction in a patient with snoring and sleep apnea can reduce complaints by up to 25%. That is, removing the nasal congestion alone will not be sufficient to eliminate the vibration of the lower airway region. In addition, most people with snoring and sleep apnea have to lie on their back as more airways will close in their back. The nose devices are attached to the tip of the nose and it is also difficult for a person lying on the side to remain in place until the morning during the whole sleep. These devices open the nose wings outward, relax the valve region and increase the nose airway diameter.

Here you can read the scientific article published in an international journal on the effects of nasal congestion on obstructive sleep apnea >> Effects of Nasal Pathologies on Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Here is a link to read my English article on the relationship between nasal airway resistance and OSA >> Nasal resistance and OSA

Nasal congestion in patients with sleep apnea does not only cause the disease to exacerbate; however, in patients receiving sleep oxygen therapy (Sleep Apnea Treatment with CPAP - BPAP Therapy), the use of masks of these devices may cause difficulty and decrease patient compliance. In patients with sleep apnea, different diseases and conditions such as nasal septum deviation, nasal flesh growth, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis that may cause nasal obstruction should be treated medically or surgically. Click here for detailed information >> Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Is snoring a serious disease?

Snoring can be quite serious when medical sleep is called Sleep Apnea, together with sleep arrest and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In such cases, snoring is stopped by respiratory arrest (apnea). Snoring cannot be heard at this point and breathing has stopped completely. Over 30 seconds of breathless seizures, more than 30 'in an hour to be seen in serious life threatening. Apnea; According to the severity of the disease in patients can be 30-300 times per hour. When breathing stops, the oxygen level of the blood drops asleep during sleep. When oxygen falls in the blood, the respiratory center in the brain is stimulated to resume breathing. Without this event, sudden deaths may occur during sleep. During this period of low oxygen, the heart has to pump more blood. After a while, the heart rhythm deteriorates, high blood pressure and heart growth settles over the years. People with obstructive snoring can enter the deep sleep phase in a very small part of their sleep. The deep phase is the only way for real rest. The rest of the night will be sleepy, tired and inefficient. Napping while driving or on the job.

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Source: Snoring - Symptoms and causes

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