After Tongue Tie Operation, Bifurcation At the Tongue Tip May Reduce!

Tongue bifurcation due to ankyloglossia

Effect of tongue tie relase surgery on tongue bifurcation

People with tongue tie move their tongue out while doing different activities, such as speaking, eating, or playing a wind instrument, and so the tension is mostly at the tip of the tongue. Depending on the effort to liftig up the tongue tip out of the mouth, a long-term cleavage of the tongue tip may result in the appearance of a forked tongue. Especially in patients with short and thick tongue ligaments, there may be permanent structural changes in the tongue tip and this cleft may not  isappear even if the tongue tie is cut. In the above photo, it is seen that the bifurcation at the tongue tip, which is noticed during the effort to lift the tongue tip upwards, is considerably reduced after tongue tie release surgery.

Tongue, patients with full adherence to the base of the mouth in the long-term changes in the structure of the tongue is more likely. The sooner the Tongue tie is cut, the less likely it is to have such problems. Tongue tie can have social and psychological effects in infants and mothers. The side view of the patient, who has a partially veined tongue ligament, has a "forked tongue" appearance, especially when the tongue tip is lifted up.

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How can you understand that if your child has tongue tie?

In children it is necessary to suspect tongue tie in the following cases:

- Speech disorder
- Speaking sloppy while talking fast
- Inability to take the tongue out of the mouth
- Bifurcation at the tip of the tongue
- Stress, sweating or inability to grasp the breast

How can you understand that if your child has tongue tie?

Simply by licking the child with ice cream or sweet foods, it is possible to check whether the tongue tip is in front of the lower lip. If the child cannot raise the tip of the tongue before the lips; the child's mouth can be opened and the tongue tip can be lifted slowly upwards with two fingers. In this case, the tongue is attached to the base of the mouth and the presence of tongue tie is confirmed.

The patient seen in the photo above can easily remove the tongue tip in front of the lower lip.

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