Simple Mastoidectomy Operation

Cortical  Mastoidectomy (Schwartze procedure)

Cortical mastoidectomy or simple mastoidectomy (also known as the Schwartze procedure) is performed without affecting the middle ear by removing the mastoid air cells. This is usually done for inflammation of the mastoid bone. It is a surgical procedure to remove inflamed bone tissue by incision made behind the ear when medical treatment is not effective. Due to the widespread use of antibiotics, this surgery is rarely needed today. Mastoidectomy operations are cholesteatoma and ear surgery performed to remove chronic inflammation residues from the middle ear. This operation can prevent serious complications such as brain abscess, cerebral inflammation, meningitis, facial paralysis, neck inflammation and neck vein occlusion due to cholesteatoma and chronic inflammation. Mastoidectomy operations using advanced surgical instruments should be performed by experienced surgeons. Sometimes simple mastoidectomy operation can be performed with tympanic membrane repair.

Indications for simple mastoidectomy

The aim of simple mastoidectomy operations is to remove infected mastoid cells, to increase the aeration of the middle ear by expanding the aditus, and to eliminate the hypertrophic mucosa and infections in the middle ear more easily. The situations in which simple mastoidectomy is required are as follows:

- Mastoid bone inflammation not responding to medical treatment
- Chronic suppurative otitis media with cholesteatoma
- For the treatment of malignant tumors in the middle ear
- For the treatment of benign tumors in the middle ear such as Glomus Jugulare
- As the first step of different surgical procedures related to the ear
. Cochlear implant placement
. Facial nerve decompression
. labyrinthectomy
. Endolymphatic sac decompression
. Subperiosteal abscess drainage

Patient care after simple mastoidectomy

After simple mastoidectomy surgery, auricle and auricular bandage are applied so that pressure is applied to the surgical site. The printed dressing is kept in place for 1 day. If a tympanic membrane surgery is performed, a tampon is placed in the outer ear canal. Antibiotics and analgesics are usually given after protective surgery. Since simple mastoidectomy operation is not performed on the middle ear alone, dizziness that can be seen after radical mastoidectomy and modified radical mastoidectomy operations is rarely seen.

Videos about the chronic otitis media,  mastoiectomy and cholesteatoma:

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Mastoidectomy Operation Video - 1

Mastoidectomy Operation Video - 2

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