Modified Radical Mastoidectomy Operation

Modified Mastoid Surgery

Modified Radical Mastoidectomy Operation in Istanbul

Modified radical mastoidectomy is a procedure designed to remove only the inflamed mastoid bone area and the external ear canal wall if the cholesteatoma does not spread to the middle ear, medial part of the malleus bone or the body of the incus bone. Canal wall down can be used in the same sense as mastoidectomy. This procedure is usually performed in the ear with a single hearing and a cholesteatoma. Since it is aimed to protect all or some of the structures in the middle ear; is a surgical procedure in which hearing is protected.

In addition to the mastoidectomy operation, there are also those described as simply removing diseased tissues in the epithympanum (this process is also referred to as "Bondy Surgery" or "Bondy Procedure").

In radical mastoidectomy surgery, all structures in the middle ear and the outer ear canal are removed, and the mastoid bone and middle ear become a single cavity. In other words, in radical mastoidectomy surgery, hearing is not preserved; Modified radical mastoidectomy attempts to preserve hearing structures. So this procedure is a procedure between simple mastoidectomy and radical mastoidectomy considering the size of the procedure.

As with simple mastoidectomy and radical mastoidectomy, the skin is removed with a retroauricular incision made behind the ear. The bone area of ​​the mastoid is removed by the lap and microscope area. The outer ear canal wall, called the "bridge" between the middle ear and mastoid bone, is rounded down. The cholesteatoma is removed. Eardrum damage is repaired. Middle ear structures are preserved. The damaged area of ​​the eardrum is repaired. The cavity is placed in spongosan. The operation is terminated by placing a tampon in the outer ear canal.

Indications for modified radical mastoidectomy

Modified radical mastoidectomy should be performed when:

- Excessive damage to the posterior wall of the external auditory canal by cholesteatoma
- Extremely contracted mastoid bone and inferior located lieutenant, anterior located sinus
- Cholesteatoma in the ear
- A labyrinth fistula due to middle ear cholesteatoma.

Many authors acknowledge that the canal wall down mastoidectomy protocol is a technique for easier removal of the cholesteatoma in the sinus tympani region. Preoperative detailed tomographic and microscopic examination is very important as it is aimed to protect the middle ear structures. The microscope features and instruments in the hospital where the surgery is performed are also very important for this procedure.

Patient care after modified radical mastoidectomy

After the modified radical mastoidectomy operation, the printed dressing stops on the first day and is removed after the first day.

Tampons are placed in the outer ear canal. Preventive antibiotic therapy and pain medication are given. Since the modified radical mastoidectomy also involves the repair of the tympanic membrane, the patient should not push and apply pressure to the ear. For this purpose, it may be appropriate to feed on soft, warm, pulp foods to prevent constipation. Sneezing with mouth open while sneezing, lifting the heavy load that is necessary to push, it is inconvenient to plunge into the pool and should not blow the ear. The outer ear tampon is usually held in place for 2-3 weeks and the posterior ear sutures are removed within 1-2 weeks.

Cost of modified radical mastoidectomy in Istanbul

The total cost of modified radical mastoidectomy operation may be varied according to hospitals, used materials and surgery time. The total operation fee may vary from 3000 to 4500 US Dollars. It is natural that the total processing fee is high in luxury hospitals. Generally, it is sufficient to stay in hospital for 1 day.

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