Nose Tip Refining Surgery

Nose Tip Reducing and Thinning Operation in Istanbul

Nose Tip Refining in Istanbul

Although nasal tip refining is a simpler operation compared to many aesthetic interventions, it gives a very decisive result in facial expression. In general, the facial expression is much more beautiful, sympathetic and cute appearance that helps to make this surgical operation is performed only by the intervention of the tip of the nose. The aim of the operation is to make the tip of the nose look thinner. This operation, which is getting more attention today, can be applied for both men and women.

The nose region is divided into 3 different sections from top to bottom. These;
  • dorsum
  • supratip
  • nose tip region
In the general appearance of the face, it is the most remarkable and effective nasal tip among these 3 nose regions. This is why the nose tip refining operation makes extremely positive reflections on the overall expression of the face. Not only the tip of the nose is thinned, but a more upturned appearance can give you laughing results. At the same time, nose tip refining can turn into a more attractive option for patients who are afraid of interfering with the entire nose.

How to Nose Refining Surgery Performed?

Nasal tip refining, also called as nasal tipplasty , is a procedure that can be performed with general anesthesia, local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. Therefore, it is not possible for the patients to feel any pain, pain or pain during the operation. Your doctor will decide which anesthesia method you prefer. However, nasal tip refining surgery may not be performed with the same procedure in all patients. Depending on the various factors such as the condition of the patient's nasal tissue, the shape of the present nose and how it will be given appearance, surgery is planned by the doctor after the examination.

The duration of the nasal tip refining operation, which can be performed with both open and closed techniques, may also vary from person to person. In some patients, surgery can be completed in 30 minutes; some patients may require a more complex intervention and therefore the operation time can be extended to 1.5 to 2 hours. After the examination, you will be given an estimated time of surgery. This operation can sometimes be performed as part of a classical nose aesthetic surgery and in such cases the duration of the operation is longer.

Sometimes it is enough to intervene on the nose wings of the patient in the nose tip refining surgery. Sometimes an intervention is required at the tip of the tip of the nose. In general, however, cartilage tissue transfer is not required during this operation. Only in case of a deformation or curvature of the tip of the nose, cartilage tissue transfer can also be activated. However, when both constriction and erecting at the tip of the nose are targeted, operation planning gains a slightly different dimension.

Price of Nose Tip Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Those who want to benefit from this minimal operation are also curious about the price of nose tip refining surgery. However, it would be misleading to speak of a clear price. Because as we mentioned before, this operation is not performed with the same procedure in all patients. Nasal tissue and nose shape is different in each individual. Only the thinness and thickness of the nasal skin can lead to a difference in the preferred methods or interventions in the operation. Accordingly, the budget for the nasal tip refining surgery is changing.

Nose Tip Refining in Istanbul

There are many different factors that determine the price. The patient's nose shape and tissue condition, as well as the experience of the physician or the technique to be used, are effective in the price of the nasal tip refining surgery. However, anesthetic drugs and other drugs to be used in the list of factors that affect the price. If these drugs come from abroad, a pricing is made considering the exchange rates. If you have an appointment, you will be examined by your doctor and you will receive a clear price.

Who is Suitable For Only Nose Tip Reduction Operation?

Of course, nasal tip refining operation is also a surgical procedure and in order to benefit from this aesthetic operation, you should not have any health problem that prevents the operation. This operation is the ideal option for people who do not have any problems with other nasal parts other than the tip of the nose. However, patients who want to tip the nose tip can benefit from this surgery.

We also need to mention a critical element here. First of all, you will need to undergo a medical examination in order to benefit from nasal tip refining surgery. If, after this examination, your doctor determines that you are eligible for the operation in question, the date for the surgery may be determined. However, it may be more appropriate to benefit from this operation at the end of the breastfeeding period because the surgery may cause various problems during pregnancy and lactation.

Postoperative Care After Nose Tip Refining Aesthetics

There are some elements that you should pay attention to after the operation. The first and most important of these will be to take care not to blow to the nose area. This is because the shape of the nose, which is introduced through the nasal tip refining surgery, may deteriorate even in the first days after surgery. In such a case you need to have revision nasal end aesthetic surgery. After surgery, you should take antibiotic medications prescribed by your doctor at specified intervals. These drugs are given after surgery to eliminate the risk of infection, and infection may develop if you do not use it.

At the same time, the day of the nose tip refining operation and for the next few days sauna, bath, pool and sea will be prohibited. For a few days you need to avoid movements that force the body, heavy sports activities. We can state that the recovery time is not too long as the operation involves intervention in a small area of ​​the nose. However, tissue healing does not occur at the same rate in every patient, and therefore the answer to the question of when 100% healing will take place may change.

Nose Tip Refining in Istanbul

It is very normal that there is a slight pain after the surgery. You can use pain medication prescribed by your doctor. This operation does not require clinical rest. You need to stay under observation for a few hours after the nose tip refining operation. You can then be discharged on the same day and go home. It doesn't require a break from business. If you are not working very hard, you can go to work the day after the operation. Finally, mild nausea, vomiting and headache may occur on the day of surgery due to anesthesia applied before nasal tip refining. This is normal and usually disappears within a few hours.

Risks of Nose Refining Surgery

Of course, the nose tip refining operation is also a surgical procedure and the risks that apply to all surgical procedures such as bleeding and infection also apply to this operation. In addition, there may be risks of excessive reduction of the tip of the nose and contraction of the nasal tip in the airway. Nasal congestion, wing collapse and collapse are also on the list of risks.

However, it should be underlined that the risks are much less likely to occur in the nasal tip refining surgery performed by an experienced doctor. Especially if you refer to a doctor who specializes in aesthetic operations involving nasal tip intervention, you are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome.

Nose Tip Refining in Istanbul

Thick Skin Properties, A Factor That Makes Nose Refining Operation Difficult!

Some of the patients with ethnic nasal structures have very thick skin characteristics on their noses. In patients with very thick skin characteristics, edema may occur at the end of the nose which lasts longer than normal. Even if the skin is thinned by two-level dissection; Depending on the genetic characteristics, thick and oily skin properties may reappear during recovery. The "exaggerated camouflage effect" due to the thick skin characteristics may result in a rounded appearance at the tip of the nose, and in patients with thick skin characteristics at the tip of the nose that do not allow reflection in the corners of the cartilage, a very thin nose tip may not be beyond imagination. Link with similar information on the difficulties of nasal tip refining  in patients with thick skin characteristics >> The Difficulties of "Nasal Thinning" in Patients with Thick Nose Tip Skin!

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