Radical Mastoidectomy Operation

Operation of Radical Mastoidectomy in Istanbul

Radical Mastoidectomy Operation in Istanbul

Cells that are filled with air and whose walls are bone-shaped are located in the back of the auricle, in the skull and in the back of the middle ear cavity, and the bone in which these cells are located is called "mastoid bone". In some otitis media, these cells may be filled with inflammation and inflammation residues, or may partially dissolve. Depending on the amount of inflammation spread, these cells may need to be completely removed. However, if the ossicular structures in the middle ear are also surrounded by residual inflammation and are therefore removed during surgery; this operation is called "radical mastoidectomy". In radical mastoidectomy surgery, the middle ear and mastoid cells are combined into a single cavity. This surgery is planned especially when there is extensive cholestetatoma and ossicles in the middle ear or inflammation-related destruction of adjacent walls. During surgery, the mouth of the Eustachian tube to the middle ear is closed with the removed tissues and usually the outer ear canal is expanded to increase the ventilation of the large cavity formed (meatoplasty operation). Mastoidectomy operations are performed under general anesthesia and with a retroauricular incision made behind the auricle. The posterior wall of the external auditory canal is lowered during radical mastoidectomy.

Indications for Radical Mastoidectomy Operation

When the otitis media lasts more than 6-12 weeks, accompanied by the hole in the eardrum, this disease is called chronic otitis media. Some patients also have cholesteatoma. Chronic otitis media disease accompanied by cholesteatoma is called "chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma".
Chronic otitis media disease is the main indication for radical mastoidectomy. The cases where radical mastoidectomy is necessary can be listed as follows:

- If the cholestetaoma in the middle ear and mastoid cells cannot be completely removed by other ear surgeries (eg round window niche, perilabirintin and hypotympanic cells are involved)
- If previous operations were not successful in eliminating chronic infection in the middle ear
- To reach the apex of petrous bone
- For removal of glomus tumor
- Radical mastoidectomy may be required to remove middle ear cancers.

Patient Care After Radical Mastoidectomy Operation

Post-operative dressing is usually applied to tighten the auricle and is planned to remain for 1 day. The bandage is removed after day 1. Tampons placed in the outer ear canal should not be removed during surgery. Avoid water contact with the ear and behind the pinna. After the surgery, a bloody discharge may come from the outer ear for another 1-2 days after removing the printed dressing. The discharge may increase, especially when placed on the operative ear, as the pads will be subjected to pressure. Buru situation does not cause trouble. After radical mastoidectomy operations, the ear pads are held in place for 3 weeks for extensive healing of the external auditory canal. In case of odor coming from the pads, a new one should be placed by the doctor. In case of asymmetric decrease in facial movements after surgery, consult a doctor. Sometimes the facial nerve may be affected due to the heat generated by cleaning the residual inflammation through the facial nerve or by removing the bone tissue by rotation. If postoperative facial movements are normal and there is a decrease in facial movements afterwards, it is generally considered that there is a temporary facial nerve injury that spontaneously resolves.

Unlike simple eardrum surgery (myringoplasty), microscopic features and instruments are very important in hospitals where mastoidectomy will be performed.

Cost of Radical Mastoidectomy Operation in Istanbul

The total cost of radical mastoidectomy operation may be varied according to hospitals, used materials and surgery time. The total operation fee may vary from 3000 to 5000 US Dollars. It is in luxury hospitals, total operation cost is higher. Generally, 1 day staying in hospital is enough.

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