Functional Rhinoplasty Operation in Istanbul

Functional Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Functional Rhinoplasty Operation in Istanbul

Functional rhinoplasty operation are among the aesthetic interventions that have benefited many more people in recent years. The nose is one of both complex and multifunctional organs. For this reason, surgery planning should be carried out considering the anatomy and physiology of the airway. Rhinoplasty provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the nose area while at the same time providing a form that can provide a healthier breathing in order to improve the quality of life of the patient.
At this point, functional rhinoplasty operations come into play. When a problem occurs in the nose function due to a previous nose surgery operation, a nose surgery operation can be performed to eliminate this problem. However, if the patient has respiratory problems due to congenital deformations, functional nose aesthetic surgeries are utilized and the patient is given a nose shape where he can breathe more easily.

Benefits of Functional Rhinoplasty Operation

Functional Rhinoplasty Operation in Istanbul
It is one of the most preferred operations among the rhinoplasty surgeries and it is due to the benefits of functional rhinoplasty operation. First of all, it is provided to correct the problems related to nose functions and nose functions, while at the same time, it can be given a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the face. In other words, the aesthetic and functional problems of the patient can be eliminated with a single operation.

Correction of the nasal arch and the appearance of a more raised nose tip may be accomplished by functional rhinoplasty operation. It is also possible to eliminate problems such as septum deviation, polyps, nasal flesh and sinusitis in the same session. This operation, which allows the patient to get rid of the problems experienced during a single healing process, is of great importance for health in general.

Respiratory distress means less oxygen entering the body. In other words, functional rhinoplasty operation may become necessary for some patients in order to lead a healthy life. Low levels of oxygen are harmful to all body systems and organs, especially the internal organs. Because of various reasons, we can state that the daily quality of life of patients who have difficulty in breathing through the nose decreases. Permanent headache, sore throat dryness and sore throat in the morning due to oral breathing are the most common problems. However, with functional rhinoplasty operation, the problem of the respiratory function of the nose can be eliminated and patients do not need to compromise their daily life quality.

A Personel Surgery: "Functional Rhinoplasty Operation"

Most of the aesthetic operations are planned individually and functional nose aesthetics is one of them. Nasal structure is not the same in every patient. The size of the concha, nasal flesh, the deviation of the nasal septum or the intranasal tissue status is of course different in each individual. For this reason, nasal aesthetic surgery must be planned and applied individually. However, the tissues to be intervened in nasal aesthetic surgery may also change.

Functional Rhinoplasty Operation in Istanbul

For example, if a patient has excessive growth of turbinates, which causes respiratory problems, functional rhinoplasty operation should also interfere with the nasal flesh. However, there are patients who do not experience such a problem. There are also patients with and without a nasal belt or nasal tip. The planning of the surgery is not an option but a necessity. Nasal tissue is examined preoperatively and at the same time patients' complaints are listened. Then the regions to be intervened with the operation to be performed are determined.

One of the most curious subjects is how much functional rhinoplasty operation can be corrected. We can state that the curvature of the nose can be corrected by operation regardless of the level of curvature. In order to benefit from this operation, the curvature does not necessarily have to be too light. The same applies to the tip of the nose. The problem of low nasal tip can also be intervened and the nose can be given a more raised appearance.

Functional Nose Aesthetic Surgeons

First of all, it should be noted that the priority of all surgeons in functional rhinoplasty operation is to protect the functions of the nose. Of course, with this surgery, the nose can be reduced, enlarged, the appearance of the tip of the nose can be changed, the angle between the nose root and the forehead or the angle between the nose tip and the lips can be intervened. However, the main purpose is to eliminate the function problems and to ensure that the nose can continue its current functions.

Therefore, it is necessary to be meticulous when choosing among functional nasal aesthetic surgeons. It is a much wiser choice to choose an experienced surgeon who can easily communicate and ask questions before and after surgery. Pre-operative communication with the surgeon can minimize the stress experienced by the patients.

How Can Functional Rhinoplasty Be Performed?

Functional rhinoplasty operation performed under general anesthesia can be performed with both open and closed techniques. However, it should be noted that the open technique has some advantages in terms of the fact that the nasal tissues can be seen more clearly and can be intervened more accurately. Because anesthesia is applied, it is never possible for the patient to feel any pain, pain or pain during the operation.

In general, functional rhinoplasty operation is completed in 1 to 1.5 hours. However, it should be noted that this period may vary depending on how the intervention is made to the nose area. In the case of a simple intervention, the operation can be completed in 40 minutes or the operation time can be up to 3 hours. Since the patient does not feel well, the patient can be discharged on the same day.

You may need to rest at home for a few days. Afterwards, patients can return to work if they do not work in a very challenging body. Therefore, we can state that functional rhinoplasty operation is one of the most difficult procedures for patients in terms of healing process. Mild pain is an expected condition and medically normal. You can control this pain with pain medication prescribed by your doctor. You also need to use antibiotic drugs to eliminate the risk of infection and this medicine is prescribed to you.

You should be careful not to get a blow to the nose area for 2 months after the operation. In addition, after 1 month of functional nose aesthetic sports and exercise should not be done. The pool, sea, sauna and hammam are also on the prohibition list until the recovery is completed. In addition, your doctor will give you detailed information about what you need to pay attention to. Strict adherence to your doctor's warnings and recommendations will lead to a more comfortable healing process.

How Are Functional Rhinoplasty Prices Determined?

First of all, functional rhinoplasty operation cost in Istanbul cannot be the same in all patients. How to intervene in the operation, which techniques will be used, such as many factors cause prices to change. General anesthesia drugs are another factor affecting the price. It is worth mentioning that the experience of the doctor or exchange rates are also influential factors on functional rhinoplasty operation prices. You can request an appointment to get a price. After the inspection, you will receive a clear price. However, it should be noted that choosing an experienced doctor is more important than price.

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