Why Five Corner Columellar Incision is Used in Open Technique Rhinoplasty

Mid-columellar W-shaped incision

Mid-columellar W-shaped incision

In rhinoplasty operations, the cartilage structure of the nose is revealed by lifting the nasal skin from front to back. When viewed from the outside, the middle section that separates both nostrils is called “columella.. In the nose aesthetic techniques in medical history books, the incisions made to the skin of the columella have been modified and the reverse V or reverse W-shaped incision (columellar inverted-V incision) has become the most commonly used open technique rhinoplasty incision today.

In addition, incisions in the form of "Z" and "V" and other forms may also be used.

As the number of corners in the incision increases, fewer scars occur!

It was found that as the number of vertices found in the incision to the columella increased, the formation of hypertrophic scarring decreased and fewer scars were left. Therefore, this incision, which has 5 corners in the picture, has become widely used in open technique rhinoplasty and open technique nasal end aesthetic surgeries.

Many different types of incisions have been described for open technique rhinoplasty operations. When the incision in the incision area in the columella is made with a high number of corners, the risk of scar formation in the suture areas decreases. Generally, after rhinoplasty operations, I prefer to use self-absorbing surgical suture materials in the area of ​​columellar ision. In this way, the loosening of the stitches after the 3rd day can also reduce the comb formation in the incision area due to the seam tension. Apart from that, I prefer to continue antibiotic skin pomade on the incision site for several weeks. If the patient's history indicates that there are many scars left in the previous skin incisions (especially in dark-skinned people), I recommend applying local skin products that reduce scars after several weeks of antibiotic skin pomade.

Open technique rhinoplasty in istanbul

Anatomical details are more prevalent in open tenic rhinoplasty operations. Although there are technical changes specific to the surgeon; roughly similar applications are made.

In open technique nasal aesthetic surgeries, the incision area on the columella is the least visible area under the nose and in contact with the sun. If excessive sunlight comes into contact with this area in the early postoperative period, darkening of the incision area and scar formation may occur (it should be noted that ultraviolet rays may affect fibrolblasts, which are wound healing cells). In addition to this, early contact with cigarette smoke after rhinoplasty operation may cause discoloration, infection and tissue healing adversely. In other words, it is important that the patient pay attention to the postoperative recommendations except the incision shape and the number of vertices in the incision.

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