Oily Skin Cleansing After Rhinoplasty Operation

Skin Care After Rhinoplasty

Oily Skin Cleansing After Rhinoplasty Operation
Skin Care Following Rhinoplasty  - One Week After Nose Job

After the rhinoplasty operation, a bandage and an external nasal splint are placed on the nose. Especially in patients with oily cit structure, skin oil can accumulate under the bandage after surgery. Patients who previously had a large number of oily pores (comedones) on their nasal skin, with thick and oily skin structures, sometimes require skin cleansing or medical treatment. Especially vitamin a derivative lotion or cit care products are discussed on this issue.

When the first week is completed after the rhinoplasty operation, the nose bandages are removed. As seen in the photo above, when the bandages are removed in the first week, oily areas (accumulated fat layer) can be seen on the nasal skin. Although the material used is hypalgic (3M brown paper tape containing micropores) that allows air transfer, the produced skin oil can accumulate because it cannot come out.

The photo of the patient, whose photo was seen after the first week above, before and immediately after the operation:

Rhinoplasty in Men Istanbul Turkey
Rhinoplasty in Men Istanbul

So how can you remove the oil that accumulates on the skin?

For this, a natural cit cleansing suggestion:

You can clean the skin on the skin by squeezing the ocean waters on the yeast cleaning cotton. Especially, it is not appropriate to use alcohol cleaners. Water-based skin cleansers can be used, but using natural salt water and cotton recommended by you is less risky in terms of side effects.

It should be noted that after nasal aesthetics or any touch on the face, great differences will occur in the texture of the skin. In order to minimize these changes in skin tissue, you should definitely continue your skin care regularly. You can get rid of the excess oil on the skin in this way and maintain your skin type after aesthetics.

Skin care after nose aesthetics is another important stage. It is seen that especially women have a very sensitive approach in this regard. After your recovery is fully completed, you can start skin care after the nose aesthetics as you wish. However, it is recommended that you do not prefer very aggressive methods at first, you can complete your care in a short time with more soft methods.

How to solve  the problem of oil production on the nose skin?

In order to solve the problem of lubrication on the skin after nose surgery, you should definitely take care to take purifying steps after your treatment is completed. It is known that especially the lubrications occurring in the nose tip area increase after aesthetic operation. Some of the things to be done before the rhinoplasty operation to prevent this situation are listed as follows;

To purify the skin, the pores need to be opened. In order for the cleaning products you use to show their effects better, you should definitely take care of using them after the shower. Only in this way you can get the opportunity to purify your skin from all the dirt without any problems.

You can stop using moisturizing products for a while. In this way, you will not encounter a problem such as triggering the extra lubrication with the products you use.

If you use make-up materials, you should prefer more dermocosmetic ones. These products prevent the pores from clogging.

You should use black dot tape regularly. With these tapes used in the nose, chin and forehead, you can get the opportunity to get rid of black spots completely. For the black dot band to integrate with your skin, you should attach great importance to the wetting phase. It should be noted that when your nose is fully wet, the performance of the tape will be much better. It should be underlined that these tapes will take away all the black spots on the nose especially in the shower exits.

It is recommended not to use very hard products during peeling after nose aesthetics. Especially for people with sensitive skin, peeling will not be suitable for skin health.

What are the considerations for skin care after rhinoplasty?

When performing skin care after nose aesthetics, you should not damage bone and cartilage. At the same time, you should wait for the bumps to fully descend. In order for your nose tissue not to get damaged, you should direct the process by taking into consideration these small tips. How your doctor, who applies nose aesthetics, gives advice on this issue is another point to consider.

It should also be noted that if the care phase after the nose aesthetics is neglected, the skin will become quite susceptible to the formation of blackheads. By considering these points without any problem, you can get the opportunity to complete your skin care in a sensitive way. In order to prevent any deformation in your nose structure, you should complete the process by using only your hand rather than the machines used in skin cleaning.

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