Titanium Implant Permanently Placed In The Nose For Those Who Cannot Sleep Without Nose Band: "Breathe Implant àWengen"

Breathe Implant àWengen

Breathe Implant àWengen

The "Breathe Implant àWengen" nasal valve implant, which was put on the market by "Heinz Kurz GmbH" medical company and continued to be produced by "Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG", is surgically placed in the nose, is now available in our country.

This product, which is made of pure titanium and minimizes tissue necrosis with its perforated feature, is roughly designed as a permanent metal form of breath-opening nasal bands placed inside the nose.

In fact, the results of scientific studies on this implant, which was started to be used in European countries in 2003 and first used in England in 2009, are quite positive.

The nasal valve area just behind the tip of the nose is responsible for approximately 50% of the total airway resistance in the respiratory system. Nasal airway resistance may increase exaggerated and nasal congestion may occur as a result of narrowing in this area due to surgical procedures, traumas, infections or structural disorders.

The Breathe Implant àWengen nasal valve implant is placed under the upper lateral cartilage and permanently opens the nasal valve.

Prof. Dr. med. The application video of this implant developed by Daniel F. à Wengen is given below.

If you have problems with nasal congestion, snoring, sleeping with an open mouth, closing the nose wings while running, and cannot sleep without wearing a nasal band, nasal valve surgery or this implant may be suitable for you.

Additional note:

I have never applied this implant until now, but I had it surgically removed from two patients. I find it more appropriate to perform nasal valve surgery, especially with cartilage grafts. When we normally breathe fast, there may be a slight collapse in the upper part of our nose wings. This implant may cause excessive dilation of the intranasal airways and nasal hyperventilation. Placement of this implant may cause signs of nasal hyperventilation, especially in patients who have previously undergone turbinate radiofrequency operation and whose turbinate volumes are smaller than normal (the moistening and filtration capacity of the nose is already reduced). In addition, when viewed from the front in patients with thin facial structure, it may cause more than normal enlargement at the lower end of the upper lateral cartilages.

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