Simple Nose Tip Surgery Without Nasal Packing

Nose Tip Plasty in Women Istanbul

After the septoplasty operation, we performed an open technique nasal tip surgery on the patient in whom the movement was pronounced, especially in the form of sagging at the tip of the nose and turning downward and sideways while laughing.

In fact, when you look at the video, there is very little difference between before and after, and in the procedure performed here, various cartilage graft applications, such as changing the dome points of the alar cartilages, were applied to increase the nasal tip support. There seems to be less backward movement at the tip of the nose when pressed with a finger. I would like to add here, I do not like the big anatomical changes and when the columellar sturt grid is placed too long, the friction noise can be heard at the tip of the nose, especially when laughing, due to cartilage-bone contact. Generally, I take care that the lower end of the strut graft does not touch down.

The average operation time is between 45-60 minutes.

Simple Nose Tip Surgery Without Nasal Packing

The positive effects of the operation here include increasing the nasal tip support, the treatment of sagging at the tip of the nose while laughing, and functional positive effects at the same time.

After the operation, only a few tapes were attached to the patient and the operation was confirmed. Compressed cotton pads seen in the nose were removed after a few hours. The operation was terminated without using nasal packing.

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