Non- Surgical Treatment of Nasal Valve Collapse With Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant

"Spirox Latera ™" - Non-Surgical Support of Nasal Valve!

Nasal Valve Collapse Treatment, Nostril collapse,  Alar collapse, Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant

What is Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant?

It was developed as an implant that can be placed in office conditions, especially in patients who have undergone rhinoplasty or nasal tip aesthetic surgery and who have collapsed in the nasal wings (alar collapse), who have collapsed in the nasal sidewall after nasal trauma and who have nasal congestion problems. Spirox Latera, an absorbable implant, is designed to be used to support the upper and lower lateral cartilages of the nose; the nasal wall is reinforced like traditional cartilage and polymer grafts. Supporting cartilage in this way can reduce the symptoms of nasal airway obstruction and help patients breathe better. These implants can be used by ENT specialists or plastic surgeons. This implant has been approved by the US Food Drug Administration - FDA. It is absorbable and supports nasal sidewall cartilage, reducing nasal wing collapse and nasal congestion.

I generally prefer "nasal valve surgery", which is a permanent method, but I wanted to share it with you because it is a method that can be applied in office conditions and non-operatively. Generally, in patients with nasal valve problems, a cartilage graft that opens the nasal wings and expands this nasal valve angle is placed in order to enlarge this area in the nose. In surgical procedures grouped as nasal valve surgery, it is aimed to support the nasal wings and to eliminate the existing collapse. I prefer to do these operations frequently. I usually prefer such permanent applications for my patients who come from abroad for surgery.

How is Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant Placed?

Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant allows a surgeon to treat nasal valve collapse without using cartilage and causing almost little change in the external appearance of the nose. The implant is placed with a special needle shaped device and can be done in the office. The Spirox Latera ™ Absorbable Nasal Implant is used to support the upper and lower lateral cartilages in the nose. Supporting cartilage in this way can reduce the symptoms of nasal airway obstruction and help patients breathe better. The Spirox Latera ™ implant is made from a material that is absorbed over a period of approximately 18 months and is less invasively placed into the nasal wall. You can find more detailed information about this implant in the video below.

What Does Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant Do?

Nasal Valve Collapse Treatment, Nostril collapse,  Alar collapse

Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant is used for the following positive effects, especially in patients with nasal wing and nasal lateral wall collapse:
  • Nasal congestion is reduced
  • Can reduce or eliminate the problem of nasal wing collapse when breathing rapidly
  • Provides an increase in the amount of air taken from the nose during exercise.
  • Provides increase in sleep quality

The positive effects that I have simply written above appear as a result of the reduction of nasal congestion.

What are the Risks of Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant?

Side effects and risks associated with this implant are usually temporary. Other risks associated with a Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant include:
  • Mild bruising and inflammation
  • Awareness of the implant (foreign body sensation)
  • Mild pain or irritation
  • Infection
  • Removal or replacement of the implant

What are the Advantages of Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant?

The implant stabilizes the cartilages of the nasal valve like the inner Breathe Right strip and is absorbed by the body within 18 months. There is almost no pain or bleeding, and the implant is not noticed by the patient or from the outside. The benefits of the procedure include no external incision; There is no permanent implant and no donor cartilage. Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant is an important development in patients with nasal obstruction complaints, for patients whose septum deviation and nasal flesh can not be obtained despite treatment. Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant brings us a minimally invasive solution to support the nasal lateral cartilage.

It was emphasized that after the implanted implant is absorbed, it is replaced by fibrosis and collagen structure, and this structure gives a permanent effect as a support tissue.

Spirox Latera ™ Nasal Implant Warnings

  • It is for single use only. Do not resterilize and / or reuse
  • The product should not be used if the integrity of the sterile packaging is compromised or if there is a loss of sterility.
  • Improper patient selection, surgical site preparation, or implantation can potentially cause device failure
  • Subsequent infection may require Implant removal.
  • The Latera Absorbable Nasal Implant box should not be exposed to high temperatures.
  • Temperature gauge indicates exposure to temperature above 38 ° C

About the Spirox ™ Latera Absorbable Nasal Implant System

The implant is mainly in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 1 mm and a total length of 24 mm.

For anchoring there is a forked far end and a proximal end with increased flexibility. It is produced from Poly (L-lactide-co-D-L-lactide) 70:30 copolymer absorbed in the body in about 18 months. The implant is placed in a plastic tray with a slide-out cover.

The dispensing unit is a disposable device consisting of a record body, dispensing pump and push rod, and includes a 16-gauge administration cannula with depth marker and protective cap.

The manufacturer link where you can reach more information and videos about Latera Nasal Implant >> Latera | Nasal Implant | Stryker

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