Each Patient May Require a Separate Plan and A Separate Technique!

Rhinoplasty is a Personal Operation!

Each Patient May Require a Separate Plan and a Separate Technique
Since every person's face has a different structure, it is natural that the nose structure planned after surgery is also different. As in the previous surgery patients, the nostrils are seen from afar, with a sharp straight line on it, the half-pyramid or "squeeze nose" shaped single, standard and unnatural noses; Natural noses are suitable for the face, where each patient is evaluated separately in accordance with the proportions of the face. Personal surgeries are performed instead of standard surgeries.

On the below, the nasal septum deviation in the lower part of the nasal septum (caudal septum deviation) and severe nasal tip asymmetry, the nasal tip aesthetics, preoperative and postoperative nasal photographs are shown. The structure that looks protruding from the right at the tip of the nose is actually the lowest part of the septum that should be located in the midline of the nose. Removing this part alone can cause serious weakening of the nasal tip support. During the rhinoplasty surgery, a supporting cartilage graft was placed at the tip of the nose after the relevant curved cartilage was removed.

Nose Tip Plasty in Men

In some nasal aesthetic surgeries, only a simple nasal bone filing and nasal tip removal procedure are sufficient; In some, in addition to breaking the nasal bone, it may be planned to take cartilage from the rib or auricle and place it in the nose.

Above is seen before and after the patient who had a rhinoplasty operation in a different clinic and we performed a secondary nose job using rib cartilage.

Rhinoplasty in men photos

The pre and post-operative photos are seen on the below a male patient who underwent rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty in men istanbul - Male nose job

Rhinoplasty in men istanbul - Male nose job

Rhinoplasty in men istanbul - Male nose job

Rhinoplasty in men istanbul - Male nose job

Tertiary nose job with rib cartilage

We performed a 3rd rhinoplasty operation using rib cartilage to the patient, who had two rhinoplasty operations in a different country below. You can find images before and after the operation.

Crooked nose aesthetic in female

Below, you can watch the images of a female patient with severe septum deviation and crooked nose deformity before and after rhinoplasty.

Thick skinned nose job for female

Below, you can watch the images of a female patient with thick-skinned nose features before and after rhinoplasty.

Secondary revision rhinoplasty for thick skinned nose in male patient

You can watch the following images and videos of a male patient with thick skin features and a revision nose job before and after revision nose job.

Thick Skinned Natural Female Rhinoplasty Video

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