Thick Skinned Nose Tip Plasty in Women

Septoplasty Operation + Nose Tip Surgery For Female Patient

We performed nasal tip aesthetics on a female patient with thick skinned, sagging and wide nostrils. Septoplasty operation was also performed simultaneously for the treatment of nasal septum deviation. The obtained cartilage grafts were used to lift the nasal tip and restore the nasal tip support. As seen in the video and the photos below, an upward and forward orientation at the tip of the nose and a narrowing of the nostrils were achieved. During this operation, the aim is not to eliminate all aesthetic defects in the nose; maximum aesthetic and functional gain with a limited amount of surgical trauma. The patient had complaints of nasal congestion due to severe septum deviation and spreading and sagging at the tip of the nose while laughing. With this operation, the nose has been improved both aesthetically and functionally. Temporary mild bruising is seen on the nasal dorsum of the patient due to the injection of local anesthetic. During the procedure, a limited amount of alar base resection was performed to reduce the nostrils. In thick-skinned nasal tip aesthetics and rhinoplasty operations, unlike classical simple aesthetic nose surgeries, it is important not to leave a dead space under the skin and to protect the cartilage support structure as much as possible. During the this open technique nose tip plasty operation performed on the patient, bilevel skin desection and subcutaneous tissue removal were also performed. Unfortunately, thick oily skin is a genetic feature. The emergence of edema of the subcutaneous tissue can be reduced with appropriate care recommendations, but cannot be stopped!

Nose Tip Plasty in Women, Thick Skinned Nose Tip Aesthetic Surgery, Nose Tip Lifting

Nose Tip Plasty in Women, Thick Skinned Nose Tip Aesthetic Surgery, Nose Tip Lifting

Nose Tip Plasty in Women, Thick Skinned Nose Tip Aesthetic Surgery, Nose Tip Lifting

You can se the details about nose tip surgery at >> Nasal Tip Plasty and Nose Tip Lifting in Istanbul, Turkey

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