Rhinoplasty After Coronavirus Infection

Covid-19 Infection Before and After The Nose Aesthetic Surgery After 

COVID-19 Infection,Coronavirus, Rhinoplasty after coronavirüs infection, Nose job and Covid-19

When planning a rhinoplasty operation, it is necessary to postpone the surgery for quarantine and isolation for patients with coronvirus infection. Unfortunately, during this pandemic process that affects many people around the world, the Covid-19 PCR test is positive in the tests performed and the patients from distant countries wait for 10-14 days under the quarantine conditions and the PCR tests performed at the end of this period are negative in antibody tests. The operation can be rescheduled for patients with IgG positive. Since most of the patients who are planned to have a nasal surgery are not advanced and usually do not have any additional disease, only general nutritional recommendations and anitviral tablet use are sufficient for Covid-9 infection.

Turkey's coronavirus task force often visits patients whose Covid-19 tests have recently become positive and supplies their medicines. In this regard, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey 's highly sensitive and is available in a related coronavirus combat team.

COVID-19 Infection,Coronavirus, Rhinoplasty after coronavirüs infection, Nose job and Covid-19
Female rhinoplasty in Istanbul

Before the rhinoplasty operation, you need to have Coronavirus tests at the hospital!

Currently, patients who want to have a nose aesthetic operation in Istanbul and come from abroad need to have coronavirus tests 2 days before the operation. While PCR test is requested as a standard; some hospitals additionally request coronavirus antibody tests.

What can you do if Covid-19 infection starts before the rhinoplasty operation?

Generally, it is ideal to quarantine the patient with a positive Covid-19 PCR test as a result of the tests performed 2 days before rhinoplasty operation, and to repeat these tests again after 2 weeks, and to perform the operation if the results are negative.

What do I think if your routine Covid-19 test result is positive before the operation?

A positive Covid-19 PCR test may indicate that you have come into contact with the coronavirus, that the infection has just begun, or that you are recovering. Even after the quarantine process, there are patients who have PCR positive in nasal swab tests. If the IgM antibody is positive in the antibody tests performed on these patients, it means that the acute infection continues and the operation should still be postponed. It shows that in patients with positive IgG antibodies, the patient's immune system response to coronavirus occurs. In these patients, the PCR test may be positive again, depending on the virus fragments remaining in the nose. As a general opinion, it is ideal to plan the operation when the PCR test becomes negative. After all, not just the patient; In order to protect all patients who enter the operating room and have additional risk factors or who will undergo a major surgery, precautions should be taken precisely in this regard.

Covid-19 infection after rhinoplasty operation

If 2 weeks have passed after the operation and most of the mucosal healing is complete, you can generally think like normal individuals. However, the cotton swab should not be inserted laterally or diagonally into the nose while performing the intranasal swab test immediately after the first 2 weeks after the rhinoplasty operation. In this case, mucosal damage and bleeding may occur in the nose.

After the rhinoplasty operation, the full recovery of the intranasal mucosa usually takes up to 2 months. It is important to regularly irrigate the nose with saline, use protective face masks, and avoid crowded environments.

Coronavirus tests performed before the operation were positive in a patient who came from abroad so far. We performed Covid-19 tests on this patient again after 14 days of winging and when his tests became negative, we performed the operation. Good luck for both the Covid-19 infection and the operation process. Stay healthy.

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