When Will All Sutures Completely Dissolve After Rhinoplasty?

The Time For Rhinoplasty Stitches To Dissolve

stitche dissolving time after rhinoplasty
During the rhinoplasty operation, different stitche materials can be used. Generally, in order to prevent suture reactions in the long term, surgical suture materials that can be melted by the body, that is, self-melting, and surgical tongue materials that can dissolve in the short term are frequently used. In open technique rhinoplasty operations, in some clinics, non-melting aesthetic surgical suture materials that can be used to remove the incision site in the columella one week later; Some surgeons sew this area and the incision under the wings of the nose with suture materials that can dissolve within a few weeks. Generally, I avoid using permanent suture materials that do not dissolve in the body during rhinoplasty operation. The link I posted about foreign body reaction due to permanent suture materials in the nose >> Foreign Body Reactions Due to Non-Absorbable Suture Materials and Skin Fistula After Rhinoplasty Operation

I recommend applying antibiotic skin pomade for a few weeks on the 5/0 rapid vicryl suture material, which we usually use for the incision site on the columella. I prefer PDS and Vicryl suture materials that can dissolve in a longer time for the nasal septum suture in the nose and the fixation of cartilage grafts under the nasal skin.

Time for stitches to dissolve completely

The Time For Rhinoplasty Stitches To Dissolve

In general, after a period of 6 months, all suture materials used in the nose melt and disappear. It is not possible to take the suture materials used under the skin. Rarely, suture materials thrown into the nasal septum can sometimes melt out of the nose. With the help of a simple scissors, these suture materials can be shortened, but do not try to pull these stitches out with your finger without consulting your doctor, you may cause bleeding and tissue damage.

The suture materials that fix the cartilage at the tip of the nose can sometimes be detached or ruptured during asymmetric mouth opening in dental clinics. For this reason, it is ideal to postpone oral surgeries that are planned to be performed with full opening of the mouth before the completion of 2 months in patients undergoing rhinoplasty or nasal tip aesthetic surgery. Although the risk of foreign body reaction is very low in self-dissolving suture materials, the durability of permanent suture materials is higher.

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