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As in every surgical procedure, problems with unexpected healing, clarification of previous asymmetries or various deformities may occur after rhinoplasty operations. It is useful to discuss this issue with our doctor before the rhinoplasty operation, because different clinics may have different rules for their patients. For example, some  clinics directly say more than one operation fee, especially for patients with asymmetric rhinoplasty, and express that they can afford three or four operations without additional charge in case of asymmetry or problems after the operation. In particular, it includes the inclusion of the next revision rhinoplasty, called "health insurance covered rhinoplasty", which is covered by the health insurances of some clinics abroad, by paying an extra but net fee of 7 to 10 times in advance, without paying any fee. In rhinoplasty operations performed in this way, a large amount of money has to be paid by the patient before the operation, and many patients do not accept this because it involves a very large amount of money. what are the options that doctor Murat Enoz uses in case of a problem after rhinoplasty operations?

Generally, our patients with asymmetric rhinoplasty, preoperative cartilage and bone healing may cause asymmetric memory and non-asymmetrical results, that it will not be possible to completely eliminate the preoperative deformities with a single operation, that it will not always be possible to obtain millimetric symmetry by performing only one operation, and We tell you what problems our patients may encounter after surgery. In this regard, when our patients ask a question such as "I want to achieve fully symmetrical results, what can I do for this," I would of course like to share the following scientific statement:

"I know that you have come from far away countries to have rhinoplasty and I am aware of your responsibility as you have entrusted your life and health to us in this regard. Please do not confuse rhinoplasty surgeries with simulation results on the Internet, no surgery is risk-free. Usually only one Primer in a day rhinoplasty rarely, I prefer to do 2 primary rhinoplasty and only one revision rhinoplasty operation because all rhinoplasty operations are personal and the surgeon should not be tired and concentrate on the patient. Apart from this, we especially prefer hospitals with good anesthesia and sterilization conditions and where we have not had any problems before. If you have asymmetrical areas on your nose and you want to achieve full symmetry after the surgery, you can be guaranteed with just one surgery or a simulation result will be guaranteed, realistic, scientific and it will not be moral. Usually, very few of the previous deformities, that is, much less, can remain in our patients whom we operate on, and we make different applications in order to reduce this during the operation. After the surgery, we offer you detailed suggestions such as nasal massage, nostril retainer use, and taping during sleep. Before the rhinoplasty operation, if our patients express that they would prefer to have the surgery again, even if it is a very small amount, when there is an asymmetrical image in the nose, we inform them of several ways that are normally applied all over the world. For example, simply canceling the surgery or paying the cost of multiple surgeries called "guaranteed rhinoplasty" in advance, such as patients having recurrent revision surgeries without paying the surgery fee afterward.

In this way, Dr Murat Enöz does not prefer the way of taking extra money, charging more than one surgery in advance and performing the surgery for free afterwards. If you want to have a re-operation due to a small amount of asymmetrical areas that occur after the surgery, a revision rhinoplasty can be performed by Dr. Murat Enöz, usually at a cost such as the hospital fee, by making the possible reduction, but in patients with complicated rhinoplasty and who have previously undergone recurrent revision surgery, We generally prefer to apply the slightest surgical trauma to our patients in order to protect the health of the patient and to protect the complications, therefore, some of the existing asymmetry may continue after the surgery. On the internet, unfortunately, with slogans such as "see the result of rhinoplasty before the operation" or "learn the result of the rhinoplasty surgery with guarantee" or "no revision, uncomplicated rhinoplasty", patients were offered a deposit in advance and only asked them to come to Istanbul. and you can find various advertising slogans trying to guarantee that they will have surgery. The outcome of any surgical procedure is unpredictable, no surgery is risk-free, and no surgical procedure can be concluded without revision risk. Dr Murat Enöz does not accept any deposit fee before the operation; Patients who previously stated that they aim to achieve a fully symmetrical nose do not accept the operation if it is not scientifically possible. The happiness of our patients makes us happy and I want them to be healthy and peaceful for life, money and financial gain are secondary. I accept about four out of 10 patients who are transmitted by daily message or e-mail for the operation, but a very important factor here is that the patient's expectations and the surgical result meet and overlap each other, thus predicting the patient's satisfaction. There is a 10-15% risk that revision surgery is required in rhinoplasty surgeries, especially in those with curved nose deformities, this rate is higher. In patients with crooked nasal deformities or traumatic nasal deformities, it is very difficult to see a fully symmetrical light reflection when viewed from the front and from the side, and to obtain this result in millimeters. It is very important that the patients choose this information before the operation and that the hospital where the operation is performed has sufficient equipment. Whichever clinic you prefer to have surgery, I wish you good luck, health and happiness in your surgery and in the next recovery period".

Is Risk-Free Surgery Possible?

In every surgical procedure, there are various risks that can be foreseen or unpredictable. In reducing these risks, the surgeon's knowledge and experience, the hospital's equipment, the patient's compliance and compliance with the recommendations, and a little luck are required. I'd like to explain why I'm posting this here. It is natural for every nose surgeon to have revisions, only the surgeon who does not operate will not have complications! Sometimes, even if a surgical procedure is successful and beautiful from start to finish, undesirable asymmetrical appearances and healing problems may occur when the healing is complete. These risks increase in repetitive revision rhinoplasty operations. In general, revision rhinoplasty operations may have risks such as subcutaneous blood circulation disorders, infections and abnormal healing features. In addition, unexpected problems such as scar development, color changes, abnormal pitting or collapse can be seen at the skin incision sites during the healing periods. Before the operation, we ask our patients whether an operation in which a skin incision was made beforehand, and if a skin incision was made, how these areas healed. We inform our patients about incision site problems, hypertrophic scar or keloid formation, and abnormal color changes. In other words, the healing characteristics of patients can also determine the result. I learned that there was skin necrosis in the external cast area, which my surgeon friend, who recently performed a rhinoplasty operation, placed on the back of the nose after the operation, which was noticed when the cast was removed 1 week later. When I looked at the photos of the nose taken immediately after the operation of the patient, I saw that there was almost no redness or skin damage. In this case, it is not easy to explain the existence of skin necrosis and it may be hypothesized that subcutaneous electrocauterization was performed and the external cast was placed too tightly, but this was the first time I have seen in my professional life. It is a very distressing problem for a physician and patient. I learned that the patient will have a skin transplant. Again, I learned that a female patient who had a 4th revision recently had necrosis in the right alar wing region and then 4 grafts were applied. It seemed that there was no problem in the nasal photographs taken immediately after the operation of the patient. Really, every surgery is like opening a surprise box. In order to reduce these risks as much as possible, I usually prefer to do only 1 rhinoplasty operation per day. I rarely add a second and short-term surgery. So a risk-free surgical procedure is not possible!

Correct Patient Selection and Refusal of Patients with Unrealistic Expectations May Increase Success Rate!

In current guidelines, it is emphasized that "correct patient selection" is the most important criterion for being a "successful rhinoplasty doctor". That is, accepting patients whose expectations from the operation are realistic and scientific; Exclusion of patients with unrealistic expectations from the surgeon may be the most important criterion. In general, I do revision rhinoplasty operations and complicated rhinoplasty operations from different countries. Before coming to my patients, we state that this operation is a "living tissue change", the result that can be obtained in this case cannot be predicted, cartilage and bone memory, healing properties, existing skull asymmetry may affect the outcome of the surgery. The patient, who sometimes has thick skin features and an asymmetrical nose shape, expresses that the desired result could not be obtained with the previous rhinoplasty operations, and he wants it to be the "last and one surgery". In patients with thick skin structure, a sharp-edged and pointed nose tip cannot be obtained; Obtaining millimetric full symmetry in a patient with an asymmetric nose structure cannot be guaranteed with a single operation. It is a very important factor to evaluate the expectations of these patients beforehand and not be accepted for the operation.

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