Open Technique Septoplasty

Open Technique Nasal Septum Correction Surgery

Nasal septum is composed of bones and cartilage, covered with mucosa and divided into nasal cavity. This condition is called a "nasal septum deviation" or "cartilage curvature in the nose" when a curvature is seen due to congenital or traumatic trauma. You can find detailed information at >> Septoplasty Operation in Istanbul

In the above video, the tip of the nose, which was shown preoperatively in the upper photograph, has the appearance after the stitching.

In patients with nasal septum deviation, the airway resistance increases on the side of the deviation (ie on the side of the septum convexity), and the air entry and exit becomes more difficult. Therefore, patients may develop nasal congestion, mouth open sleep and many symptoms associated with nasal septum deviation. You can find details at >> Nasal Septum Deviation - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Septum deviation types can be grouped as seen in the figure on the side.

In fact, as the amount of curvature increases and the v nasal valve region ve, which is the narrowest airway region of the nose, increases intranasal airway resistance and increases the amount of related symptoms. Bony protrusions extending from the nasal septum to the adjacent nose can also cause unknown headaches (articles on the subject >> Ossified Overhang (Osteophyte) In The Nose That Can Cause Atypical Headaches : Bone Spur FormationNasal Bone Spur (Other Reason For Atypical Headache) / Nasal Bone Spur Removal Can Reduce The Your Headache!

Nose: A wonderful machine that makes outer air as convenient to the lungs

Nose, air taken from the outside which makes it convenient to the lungs, purification, heating, humidification engine. This means that the device cannot become clogged and functionable due to many different causes such as deviation, nasal growth, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis or nasal growth, not just the lungs; indirectly through the reduction in blood oxygen levels can affect the operation of cells in our entire body. In order to treat the nasal septum deviation, the general principle of the surgeries is "removal of curved cartilaginous areas covering the airway in the nose without altering the nose anatomy, without damaging the nose support". Nose cartilage curved operations can be said in different headings are actually very close to each other up to three down five operations, you can hear names for these operations:

- septoplasty
- septum correction surgery
- submucous resection

Which patients are eligible for "open technique septoplasty operation"?

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Classical nasal cartilage curvature correction surgeries are performed via closed technique (ie, as seen in the above animation video).

In particular, this procedure is more suitable if the lower part of the nasal septum (caudal septum), the caudal septum deviation in the tip of the nose (deviations of caudal septum) or severe septum deviation, as seen in the first initial form, is evident. Roughly this can be explained as follows:

If the caudal septum section, which is very important for nasal end support, is removed and removed to relieve the airway with closed technique, the nasal tip support is weakened (even patients are referred to as ü softened after the tip of the nose after deviation surgery!). To reconstruct the nasal support, open technique is performed. The graft is prepared from the posterior straight parts of the septum to place the nose tip at the midline instead of the caudal septum (kolumellar strut graft) and the nasal tip is re-supported (the tip of the bone with the top of the bone that attaches the upper anterior teeth is placed between. You can read about this subject at >> Why Is It Necessary To Perform Open Technique Septoplasty In Some Noses? - Severe Anterior Septal Deviation

In the photograph above, there is the image after the "anterior septal dislocation" and the "open technique anterior septal reconstruction operation" in the patient who had previously had a rhinoplasty operation in a different clinic and who continued to complain of nasal congestion.

A similar technical artical that can be used instead of open technique septoplasty in caudal septum deviations >> Caudal Septal Deviation

How to perform open technique septoplasty surgery?

Open technique septoplasty surgery begins with a 5-point incision on the columella, which is located between the nostrils, such as open-technique nose-tip surgery. The procedure can be performed locally, under sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia. There is no need for additional incision on the septum (Killian incision). Only the nasal tip skin is removed and the nasal septum is made visible from above. The septum cartilages are removed at the nose tip and at the back side. New support cartilage grafts are prepared to the nasal tip (strut graft), sutured and the process is terminated after skin sutures are removed. After the procedure, I prefer to place silicone nasal splints that do not adhere to the nasal hair and allow breathing.

Open Technique Septoplasty Surgery Total Surgery Time

While classical closed septoplasty operation lasts between 20-30 minutes, open technique septoplasty can last between 45-60 minutes.

Open Technique Septoplasty Surgery Price

The price of open technique septoplasty may vary depending on the hospital, the presence of the nosocomal operation and the length of the procedure. The average cost can vary between 2000 - 2500 US Dollars. Since the operating materials are indexed to foreign exchange, a price update can be made according to the date of operation. The total cost can be increase at so luxury hospitals.

Care After Open Technique Septoplasty Surgery

In this operation, it is appropriate to apply antibiotic ointments to the nasal tip in addition to what should be done after classical septoplasty surgery. In the same way, it is sufficient to apply moisturizing drops and ocean water sprays into the nose, antibiotics and if necessary, pain relief in the first week. In addition, nasal tip edema removal Arnica gel may need to be applied. During the 2-3 weeks after the operation of the nose, shampoo or detergent in the bath during the bath should not be missed.

Will Bruising on The Face Area Seen After Open Technique Septoplasty Operation?

In this operation, because the nasal bone will not break, bruising is not expected. However, only edema to the nose tip and sometimes to the adjacent cheek area can be seen. I advise my patients to use arnica gel in the evening to walk in the cool air for nasal tip edema.

Open Technique Septoplasty Surgery Without Nasal Packing

If the deviation on the nasal septum is limited only to the anterior part, open technique septoplasty surgery may be performed without a bladder if the nasal meat operation is not performed. Turbinate radiofrequency operation can also be performed during the procedure, especially when there is turbinate hypertorphy associated with nasal septum deviation.

How Long Does Recovery Take After Open Technique Septoplasty Operation?

After open technique septoplasty surgery, the nose may swell at the tip of the nose during the first week and the edema decreases rapidly after the first week. Most of the patients can return to normal after 7 days. The duration of edema at the tip of the nose can vary between several months and one year.

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