Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone

Nose Aesthetic Without Toching The Bone in Istanbul

Rhinoplasty Without Breaking The Bone in Istanbul

The common concern of many patients who want to have nasal esthetics comes from having to break the nasal bone. The truth is that many of the nasal aesthetic surgeries require bone intervention. Other interventions are performed on cartilage and soft tissue. Corrections on the bone are usually the most difficult part of the surgery, and in fact the nose is not broken, rather it is cut and repositioned. Since the bones of the nose are very thin, the belt on the bridge of the nose can be corrected without breakage, for example.

In some cases, it may be necessary to interfere only with the tip of the nose in the nasal esthetics, so that the nasal aesthetic surgery can be completed without the intervention of the bone. Yes, only the nasal tip may need to be treated, and this is also called nasal tip rhinoplasty (nose tip plasty).

Two videos of "nose job without breaking the nasal bone":

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How to do nasal aesthetic surgery without breaking the bone?

Nasal aesthetics without breaking can be performed using open or closed technique. Bone deformities can be corrected by gently rasping with special tools similar to the pen. It may be necessary to use a graft to correct the tip of the nose or to increase the size of the bone tissue. These grafts are likely to be obtained from the septum, if necessary. The improvement in nasal esthetics without breaking usually tends to be much faster than other techniques, but nasal tip swelling can continue for up to 6 months.

Nose aesthetic surgery can be performed without "breaking" or "cutting" the nasal bones!

In nasal aesthetics, the shape and types of bone aesthetics depend on the objectives to be achieved. Instead of crushing, cutting and rasping techniques are widely used.

Sometimes the cutting process is used on one side of the bones and the rasp technique is used on the other side. And the cut bones are reshaped by pushing in or pulling out. Sometimes the bones are completely cut, shifted or rasped.

Keep in mind that nasal aesthetics do not need to be modified in any case. Typically, osteotomies with large, curved, post-traumatic deformities or requiring changes to improve respiratory function may be required.

The nose bones are reshaped with precision without breaking the nose. First, any possible curvatures and deviations in your nose are corrected.

Secondly, the “nose roof is closed by fixing the probems. They are a very sensitive and controlled process and should never be confused with "snouting".

About the rhinoplasty without breaking the nasal bone

The entire nasal belt may not be removed until the nasal bone is broken. The patient may notice the thickness of the nasal bone from the patient to the patient, and during surgery, the doctor may remove the nasal arch by removing it until the bone is thinner. In other words, the surgery may have to be terminated with a slightly arched nose.

It is not always necessary to insert a nasal splint when only limited rasping is performed without breaking the nasal bone. Generally, I prefer to end the surgery by gluing the aesthetic bands on the nose back.

Do not forget that if there is bone asymmetry in aesthetic nose surgeries performed without breaking the nasal bone, it cannot be removed and the nasal bones should also be broken in order to equalize the right and left sides of your nasal bone.

When the nasal bone is not broken, the distance between eyes and expression does not change much, the recovery rate is much faster than classical nose aesthetic surgery, pain and facial edema are usually much less.

Along with nasal bone rasping procedures, I usually perform nasal end surgery. Instead of nurturing the nasal bone more often, a little lifting of the tip of the nose and a small amount of rasping of the nasal arch are likewise more natural and provide a more natural nose shape than when done alone.

At the beginning of the page, the nose tip aesthetics + nasal rasping operation was performed two months later. In people with a thin bone structure, it is not always possible to reduce the nasal belt with the rasp alone.

Nose Tip Plasty + Nasal Hump Removal Without Breaking The Nose

I prefer to do nasal rasping operations especially with open technique. This is due to the fact that I do not spray cold sterile serum on the nasal bone during surgery and check that the light of the nasal bone becomes thin and transmissible and that the anatomy is perfect.

Aesthetics of the nose without breaking the nasal bone is not suitable for all patients. In patients with nasal arches and large nasal bone, bone fracture may also provide a more natural and beautiful appearance.

In aesthetic nose surgeries performed without breaking the nasal bone, the risk of collapse, slip and deformity of the nasal bone is much less.

Cost of rhinoplasty without breaking the bone in Istanbul

Cost of nose job without touching the bone in Istanbul varies between 2500 and 3500 US dollars according to hospitals. The total cost of the procedure may vary with the additional procedures that can be performed for nasal septum deviation and turbinate hypertrophy as functional reasons.
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