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I wanted to write a brief briefing for patients considering nose surgery in Istanbul. There are shuttles to the center of Istanbul for the newly opened Airport, except for the 24-hour shuttles, which can be opened in the subway soon.

How can you get to Dr.Murat Enöz's office from the new airport?

You can come to "Bakırköy İDO Ferry Station" with HAVAIST services that work 24 hours a day and then you can reach my office by taking a taxi for about 5-10 minutes. You can find detailed information about HAVAIST service hours and regions >>

You can find information about Istanbul bus schedule and bus numbers >>

With the newly opened train transportation, you can easily reach from different parts of Istanbul at Bakırköy Station.

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After the rhinoplasty operation you can travel in Istanbul!

Most of the nose surgery patients come to Istanbul for aesthetic nose surgery and nose tip surgery. In the links below I have written a detailed information sheet for each nasal surgery, but there are many different clinics and options available about nose job istanbul. Maybe it is helpful to pay attention to the number of daily operations and hospital conditions before choosing the clinic where you will have surgery. Particularly in clinics where the mass is operated in a quantity, the price may be more appropriate. The price can be found cheaper in new small hospitals. Istanbul is a beautiful city, especially after rhinoplasty surgery, many of the patients wonder if we can visit. You can go to many places in Istanbul. You can rest at the hotel for the first 3 days and plan long distance trips after 3 days. In particular, you can plan trips to the islands in the Marmara Sea, the beautiful cafes on the Bosphorus and the historical sites in different parts of Istanbul. Make sure that there is no trauma to the nose in crowded environments and that you are not in hot environments. It can be useful for the nose of the sea air to do a walk outside in cool weather.

I have no campaign with airline tickets, hotel accommodation and surgery package!

There are clinics that offer campaigns for both hotels, accommodation and airline tickets. Unfortunately, my surgery packages only include accommodation for one day in the hospital, materials used in the hospital, and doctor fees. Otherwise transfer of patients. There are large clinics and organizations that offer services such as arranging air tickets, hotel accommodation. I usually perform one or two rhinoplasty operations per day and the satisfaction of my incoming patients is important to me; however, I didn't want to be addressed because of the commission applications of the hotels and the commission applications of the transfer companies. However, we help my patients before the surgery, but we do not have a direct agreement on self-adjustment.

You can find very different rhinoplasty prices even in Bakırköy, Incirli Street!

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My office is located in the Dilek Pastanesi building in Bakırköy on Incirli Street and there are clinics and hospitals that only give cost list for different nose surgery istanbul price even in İncirli Street. It is natural that you find very different prices throughout Istanbul.

I wish you all the best of luck with all our surgeries.

What are the factors that determine nasal aesthetic prices?

If you think that there are many different nose surgeries, the team of each surgery, the equipment used and the times vary. The high prices provided by private hospitals may seem quite high since they include the patient's postoperative comfort and the services they provide during the healing process. In small, not very comprehensive or crowded hospitals, aesthetic surgeries are performed at lower costs. In addition, the characteristics of the nose, the duration of the surgery, the materials to be used and the application of additional cartilage grafts are also important in determining the total price.

Revision nose aesthetics prices are generally higher than primary nose operations!

nose surgery istanbul price,rhinoplasty cost istanbul,
If the patients who have undergone previous nasal esthetic surgery have conditions that require re-operation, the risk will increase compared to those who have not undergone surgery. The second operations called nasal revision should be performed under much more sensitive conditions. One of the main reasons for the need for these surgeries is that people are not satisfied with the results of the first aesthetic operation or health problems cannot be solved after the first operation. In such cases, the competence of the surgeon and some chance come into play, so the surgeon must have complete knowledge of the technical knowledge and alternative methods in the event of any mishap. If there is a problem in the first operation, it may cause bigger problems in the second operation, which requires the surgeon to work very precisely. The previously untreated nose structure and the anatomy in the lower region of the operated nose are completely different. A detailed examination of the anatomical disorders in this structure will increase the success rate of the second surgery.

You can see the detailed costs and operations in istanbul at these links >>

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