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Tip plasty cost in Istanbul Turkey

Nose tip region is the most remarkable area in our nose. While spreading downwards and sideways while laughing can cause a "non-sympathetic" smile; the nose tip standing upright while laughing and the reflection of light from the nasal tip may complete a "sympathetic and beautiful" smile.

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Nose tip reshaping procedures are less complicated than classical rhinoplasty operations where the nasal bone is broken. Since the time and materials used are less, the nose tip surgery cost is less than the cost of a classical nose aesthetic operation.

Who is required for nose tip reshaping?

Asymmetric areas and deformities in the nose tip region cause both the aesthetic and functional effects of the nose. The aim of arrival of many patients considering nose tip reshaping operation in Istanbul can be listed as follows:

- Drooping nasal tip treatment
- Treatment of functional problems such as nose deformity and alar collapse
- Surgical treatment of hanging nose tip arising after previous nose operation
- Deviation of the septum that may cause aesthetic and functional problems at the tip of the nose like caudal septum deviation
- Drooping on the tip of the nose while laughing

Advantages of nose tip aesthetic surgery compared to classical rhinoplasty operation

In people who do not have a prominent belt and curvature on the nasal ridge, but who have deformities such as low, width, length and asymmetry at the tip of the nose, these deformities are removed by performing the nose tip surgery. In addition, the width and deformation of the nostrils and nose wings can be corrected. With the nasal tip aesthetics, a portion of the soft tissue or cartilage can be removed according to the deformity at the tip of the nose, and the nasal tip can be shaped using inserts or sutures by shaping various pieces of cartilage. Furthermore, some of the removed cartilages are used to strengthen the nasal cartilage structures. Tipplasty can be performed by open technique or by intranasal closed technique. This operation can be done to remove the tip of the nose. It is important to talk to your doctor before the nose tip surgery. Not breaking the bones creates less bleeding, swelling and bruising. Bandage or plastic mold residence time on the back of the nose is shortened. Some patients do not use external nasal splints. Return to work can be faster when nasal tip esthetics. The risks associated with bone fracture are eliminated. The incisions in the nose are closed with self-melting sutures, and there is no visible scar outside the nose. Nasal tip surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia and takes approximately 45 min-1 hour. Sometimes it can be performed by local anesthesia. 5-6 hours after the operation, the person can be discharged from hospital on the same day.

In nose tip reshaping process "nasal bone doesn't broken"!

Nose tip plasty is planned to eliminate aesthetic and functional problems only at the tip of the nose. Since the nasal bone is not broken, bruising and swelling are uncommon. However, a limited amount of bruism may be seen when reducing the nasal belt. Since the nasal bone is not broken, there is no change in expression between eyes.

Tip plasty operation in thick skinned noses

Noses with thick skin characteristics may experience the following additional difficulties with thin-skinned noses:

- prolonged recovery from normal and duration of edema at the tip of the nose

- during the procedure, the support cartilage at the tip of the nose should be preserved as much as possible and additional cartilage grafts should be inserted.

- difficult to achieve a nasal tip with thin, angular or light reflection (due to the camouflage effect of thick skin and subcutaneous tissue)

Factors affecting nose tip reshaping price

As with all aesthetic nose operations, nose tip reshaping operation is "personal". In other words, while the simple nose tip narrowing and erecting operations are performed in some noses; in some noses additional cartilage grafts and suture techniques may be required. Especially revision nose tip reshaping prices may be higher than other nose tip operations. To summarize, the factors affecting nose tip reshaping fees are:

- Used materials
- Total operation time
- Selected hospital (the price is higher in luxury hospitals)
- Additional cartilage grafting procedures (in patients who have undergone previous nasal surgery and do not have sufficient nasal septum cartilage, cartilage from the auricle or rib may be required)

nose tip reshaping

Nose tip reshaping price in Istanbul

Nose tip surgery cost in Istanbul are approximately US $ 2000 - 2500 (one day hospital stay, all materials, blood tests and doctor fees). This figure can reach up to approximately 3000 - 3500 US Dollars. Revision nose tip  reshaping prices in resonable hospitals is approximately US $ 2250 - 2750. This figure can reach up to 3500 US Dollars. Radiofrequency turbinate reduction and septoplasty operations can be performed at the same time in order to treat nasal obstruction along with nasal end surgery.

Nose tip plasty animation

Nose Tip Plasty – Nose Tip Lifting in İstanbul, Turkey

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