Hilotherapy® System and Its Advantages

Cold Application Machine After Rhinoplasty Operation

The Hilotherapy System, ice application after rhinoplasty
The Hilotherapy System is a modern cooling system developed for constant cold application after aesthetic nose surgeries. After the rhinoplasty operation, bruising around the eyes and facial edema usually occur within the first 3 days. Various cold application techniques are beneficial in reducing edema and bruises.

In Which Cases Is Hilotherapy Used?

This system is especially used after surgery and trauma to reduce pain and swelling.

What are the positive effects of cold application after nasal aesthetics?

- Reduces swelling and bleeding
- Injured tissue reduces metabolic rate
- Decreases the activity of pain receptors

What are the negative effects of cold application after rhinoplasty?

- below 15 degrees - lymphatic drainage disorder
- below 10 degrees - impairment of blood flow (microcyculation) and fibroblast activity
- below 5 degrees - impairment of nerve function - ischemic damage to tissues

How Does Hilotherapy Work?

The hilotherapy machine produces 15-20 degrees of cold water that is given to the halved area in a cuff or mask. This device can be used without the negative effects of cold application; It is designed to reveal its positive effects.

This system with an anatomically designed cuff, precise temperature control and allowing cold application for up to 48 hours at a constant temperature is reported as an effective method to reduce swelling, pain and bruising.

How is the classical ice application performed and what are the differences from Hilotherapy?

Symmetrical ice packs or cooling gels are placed on both cheeks and eye areas for ice application or cold application after rhinoplasty surgery. It is ideal to apply ice for 45 minutes and take a 15-minute break.

When ice or cooling gels have temperatures close to zero when they are taken out of the freezer; this degree increases over time and cold application may have both beneficial and harmful effects.

Symmetrical pressure is provided by the mask designed for the face in the hilotherapy device. Since the constant and temperature between 15-20 degrees is applied, the beneficial effects of cold application, many of the damages, occur.

Is Hilotherapy® System Available in Every Hospital?

This system is not available in every hospital. Many physicians generally prefer basic cold application techniques. Generally, after filling ice into two disposable gloves, the gloves are tied together and the two gloves are placed directly on the eyes. Sterile gauze can be placed between the glove and the face. In this way, 30 minutes of ice can be applied until the morning of the next day, with a 30-minute break.

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