Insufficient Intranasal Care After Septoplasty Operation

Important Details About Postoperative Patients Care For Deviated Septum Surgery

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In the above photo, intranasal endoscopic examination photographs of a patient who had undergone closed technique septoplasty with turbinate radiofrequency reducing operations 2 weeks ago in another clinic and presented with complaints of severe nasal obstruction, nasal crusting and bleeding. The patient was advised to irrigate the nose with ocean water sprays, use moisturizing nasal drops and spray, and avoid putting paper towels and finger into the nose.

Septoplasty operation is usually a simple operation performed through the nose with a closed technique. Sometimes, open technique septoplasty operation can be performed in the form of nasal tip aesthetics. Generally, together with the purpose of hypertrophic turbinate treatment, turbinate radiofrequency reduction is also performed together. Two detailed links where you can find detailed attention points and postoperative patient care recommendations >> Recovery Time & Postoperative Care After Septoplasty Operation / Septoplasty Operation in Istanbul

As in the above patient, after procedures that may cause mucosal damage such as intra-nasal septoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery, tubinate reduction, the following should be avoided and you should follow the recommended intranasal care recommendations:

- Irrigate the nose regularly with sprays containing natural ocean water or sea water.
- Do not insert cotton swabs, fingers, napkins, paper towels or toilet paper into the nose.
- Do not consume too much black tea and coffee with diuretic effect, which can increase nasal dryness.
- Do not eat too salty
- If intranasal crusting increases due to insufficient care and nasal congestion occurs, please try to clean using saline water as recommended by your doctor instead of mechanically cleaning.
- Do not use intranasal cortisone sprays, antihistamine tablets, mincongestant sprays or tablets that may cause nasal dryness in the early period.
- If nasal congestion does not disappear with the use of spray and other recommended moisturizers, please talk to your doctor for intranasal cleaning and aspiration.

When regular care recommendations are applied after septoplasty operation, a full recovery usually occurs within 2-4 months. Since it is very beneficial to use natural sea waters, after the 3rd week after the operation, if you are sitting on the clean beaches, you can try to swim directly in the sea or ocean waters!

In patients whose intranasal care is insufficient and crusting, bleeding, clots occur in the nose, the nostrils can be completely blocked and bleeding may begin after sneezing. Please consider the recommendations of the physician performing your operation.

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