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Some Differences Between Nose Tip Plasty and Nose Tip Filler Procedure

  Differences between nose tip aesthetic and nose tip filling - Differences between nose surgical nose tip reshaping and nose tip plasty - Non-surgical nose job in Istanbul - Nose tip plasty in Istanbul - Nose tip surgery in Turkey     Nose tip plasty operation can be performed for many different purposes, such as shaping, stiffening, minimizing, enlarging the nose tip, opening the closed airway areas at the tip of the nose ... As a result, the anatomical structures are reshaped. Nose filler procedure is a practical application that can be done in office conditions for 5-10 minutes to lift the tip of the nose or to increase the volume at the tip of the nose. Nose tip aesthetic with filler material is an application like "filling", "adding volume" as its name implies.   Non-surgical nose job with filler and nose tip plasty can be perceived by the patients as two processes that are sometimes equal to or close to each other and can be refer

Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Instructions and Recommendation (Brief Summary)

    You can find different recommendations for different doctors and clinics about what to do after nasal surgery. Please consider the recommendations of your physician who performed your surgery. (I plan to be in English recommendation page for detailed information about patient care after nasal the near future). Here I would like to share simple problems and general care suggestions that can be seen after rhinoplasty surgery. Waiting For You After Rhinoplasty Operation Slight or moderate pain and discomfort may occur after surgery. This can easily be controlled by medicines that can be taken orally or by intravenous route. Discomfort and pain begin to decrease within 72 hours after surgery. After the nasal aesthetic, the nose bleeding usually begins to decrease after this period. After surgery, morulae and swelling are not uncommon. These symptoms usually worsen on the third day after the operation and then regularly improve. The amount of bruise comin

Animation of Non-Surgical Nose Job With Filler

   Animation of Non-Surgical Nose Job With Filler  In fact, it is a very simple and two-dimensional animation that appears to be in the flank, but it emphasizes that nasal filling can be a good treatment option especially for patients who have undergone previous nasal surgery and do not want to have nose surgery again. Although not permanent; This is an application that satisfies the patient after the procedure in patients who have nasal surface collapse and asymmetrical areas. When a non-surgical nose job with filler is performed, it is ideal to have products that have the least side effects, the most natural content, which do not spread under the skin and do not lump or granulate, and do not cause color change. Filled with cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which is produced in accordance with quality and international quality management standards, it is well suited for this. In the application area, firstly they cause natural swelling with water retainer properties of h