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Inflammatory Reaction of The Anterior Dorsal Tongue

Oral Hypersensitivity Image 1 : Photo taken after hyperemia and burning sensation on the tip of the tongue that appears just after eating strawberries Image numbered 2 and 3 : Photo taken after the contact with strawberry was terminated, 1 scale of oral antihistaminic syrup was given and waiting for 1 day, the redness has almost completely disappeared Some foods can cause a local inflammatory allergic reaction when they come into contact with tissues in the mouth. I have attached photos of the tongue of a 5-year-old patient who developed a burning sensation and redness towards the tip of the tongue after eating strawberries. In the tongue photograph taken one day after the patient ingested a single dose of oral antihistamine syrup and the strawberry contact was terminated, it is seen that the redness has almost completely disappeared.  Food-induced hypersensitivity reactions are abnormal allergic reactions of the immune system that occur in response to exposure to normally harmless sub