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Oily Skin Cleansing After Rhinoplasty Operation

Skin Care After Rhinoplasty Skin Care Following Rhinoplasty  - One Week After Nose Job After the rhinoplasty operation, a bandage and an external nasal splint are placed on the nose. Especially in patients with oily cit structure, skin oil can accumulate under the bandage after surgery. Patients who previously had a large number of oily pores (comedones) on their nasal skin, with thick and oily skin structures, sometimes require skin cleansing or medical treatment. Especially vitamin a derivative lotion or cit care products are discussed on this issue. When the first week is completed after the rhinoplasty operation, the nose bandages are removed. As seen in the photo above, when the bandages are removed in the first week, oily areas (accumulated fat layer) can be seen on the nasal skin. Although the material used is hypalgic (3M brown paper tape containing micropores) that allows air transfer, the produced skin oil can accumulate because it cannot come out. The photo of the patient,