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We Performed Extracorporeal Septum Perforation Repairing Surgery!

Extracorporeal Nasal Septum Perforation Closure Operation!  Extracorporeal septum perforation closure in Istanbul - Extracorporeal septum perforation closure in Turkey - Extracorporeal closure of nasal septal perforations subcutaneous tissue - Combining rhinoplasty with extracorporeal septal perforation repair - Repair of nasal septum Perforation In a patient with nasal septum perforation, a portion of the cartilage portion of the nasal septum was taken out of the nasal cavity, and the hole was sutured to the cartilage area by moving the cartilage graft. This septum fragment was reintroduced to the nasal septum as a whole. The silicone splints were removed after 1 month of nasal removal and the nasal septum perforation was successfully closed as seen in the photos above. In the lower endoscopic nasal photograph, a new thin mucosal area covering the cartilage and a white vignette of the cartilage reflected from the bottom are seen in the perforated area. After removal of the s