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Before and After 8 Months of Thick Skinned Female Rhinoplasty

Natural Rhinoplasty For Asymmetric and Thick-Skinned Nose - Before and 8 Months After I wanted to share with you an example of thick-skinned rhinoplasty with an asymmetrical structure.  I have attached pre- and post-operative photos of our patient who had open technique micromotor assisted rhinoplasty 8 months ago.  The patient's nasal tip angle, that is, the nasolabial angle, was already at a high level and we did not specifically raise the tip of the nose any higher.  Even after 8 months, the tip of the nose still looks edematous and it takes a while to complete the healing.  Since we do it with the help of a micromotor, roughness is not seen in the light reflection on the nose.  In the healing process, the healing characteristics of the patient are very important, especially in patients with exaggerated healing tissue production, sometimes asymmetrical protrusions on the nasal arch can occur.  The asymmetry between the nostrils of the patient was also quite high and it can be se

Blepharoplasty - Technique, Preparation Bandage and Cost

Upper Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery Eyelid aesthetics or blepharoplasty is a set of surgical procedures for removing sagging skin and excess muscle tissue and stretching the eyelid tissue in the aging process and in patients with genetic predisposition. These are the methods applied to the lower and upper eyelids. I would like to add here from the beginning that although I have performed a lot of upper eyelid aesthetics; I don't do lower eyelid aesthetics much and I recommend a physician to my patients on this subject . In the aging process, skin and subcutaneous tissue naturally sag in all areas of our face due to the decrease in collagen and structural changes in the skin. Eyelid is one of them. In parallel with this process, bagging on the eyelids, laxity in the skin, an increase in the amount of natural wrinkles on the eyelids, and discoloration may occur. Apart from aging, irregular life and irregular sleep patterns, exposure to cigarette smoke, polluted ambient air, excessive sun