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Septal Foreign Body, Abscess and Nose Deformity

Nasal Septal Abscess - Foreign Body Reaction Attention: The images and videos published on this page are not suitable for people under the age of 18. The images may be disturbing. The patient, who had previously undergone rhinoplasty operations in different clinics, had his last operation one and a half years ago. The patient applied to our clinic with complaints of odorous discharge in the nose, enlargement and pain in the nose, and increasing nasal congestion, which started right after the last surgery in the patient's history. In the examination of the patient, it was observed that the nasal septum was enlarged and the nasal passage was completely closed in contact with the outer nasal wall in both nasal valve regions. The patient said that a silicone or plastic-based material was used during this previous operation, that these complaints started right after the operation, and that these problems gradually increased despite the long-term antibiotic treatment. The photo above sho

Complicated Revision Rhinoplasty With Rib Cartilage

Micromotor Assisted Revision Nose Aesthetic Surgery The patient, who had undergone rhinoplasty in a different clinic 20 years ago, applied to our clinic because of collapse of the left nasal wing, sagging at the tip of the nose, appearance of different asymmetric protrusions on the nose and nasal congestion at the same time. As a result of the patient's otolaryngology and endoscopic nasal examination, we determined the following problems: - open roof deformity - nasal valve collapse (left side) - insufficient nasal cartilage support and drooping nasal tip - C nose deformity (crooked or twisted nose) - nasal septum deviation Micromotor assisted open technique rhinoplasty operation was planned for the patient. Cadaveric rib cartilage was used during the operation. Bilateral low to high osteotomies were performed for the treatment of the open roof deformity of the nasal ridge and subcutaneous tissue obtained from the tip of the nose was placed on the nasal dorsum. Alar batten graft a

Before and After 2 Months of Female Rhinoplasty

Pre and Postoperative 2nd Month of Micromotor Assisted Rhinoplasty Two months ago, we performed an open technique, micromotor assisted rhinoplasty operation on a female patient with thin skin features, drooping columella, and asymmetrical nasal wings. I would like to share the photos of our patient taken during his controls today. During the operation with the micromotor, asymmetric bony protrusions and cartilage tissue on the nasal bone can be smoothed by rounding. However, after rhinoplasty, which is a "living tissue replacement procedure", asymmetric healing tissues that vary according to the amount of injury may occur, as the healing systems of the patients are activated. No asymmetrical protrusion was detected in the nasal dorsal and supratip region in the manual nasal evaluation of the patient. 2nd Month and Still an Swelling Nose! When you look at the photos above and below, it can be seen that the tip of the nose is still edematous. In the anterior photos of the nose,

Imitation Earring - Jewelry Allergy

Itchy Red Rash on Ear After Wearing Fake Jewelry Many people buy and use low-priced, easily accessible, aesthetically designed earrings for daily use. These jewelry, which usually contain various metals, adhesives and other products other than the expensive metals gold or silver, can become a nightmare for some people. In the photograph above, there are photographs of a patient who had ear piercing done in a clinic one day in order to wear earrings, and who later developed redness and itching in the earlobe after using the imitation earrings. Similar redness and itching appeared in both auricles. People suffering from skin sensitivity have difficulty finding earrings that do not cause discomfort, are affordable, and look aesthetically pleasing. After ear piercing and wearing imitation earrings, the patient applied vaseline to this area upon the recommendation of the clinic. In addition to the redness and itching in the earlobe, the pain increased and a very red earlobe appeared, as see