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I Used The Regenyal Rhinoplast - Filler For None Surgical Reshaping of The Nose

Regenyal Rhinoplast Regenyal Rhinoplast based on hyaluronic acidespecially nose shaping It is a bio-rivolumetric product designed for applications. It is a filling product that reconstructs the defects in the nose area with non-invasive techniques. This product is produced at Regenyal Laboratories in Italy. It's a new product and I'm very satisfied. Corrections in the nose are carried out through micro-injections with this product containing hyaluronic acid. Medical rhinoplasty has become an increasingly popular treatment among patients. There are products containing hyaluronic acid on the market with many different names for nasal aesthetics with elephants, which is a non-surgical and practical application. By using an injected product, it is possible to correct the small and medium-sized humpback nose structure, and to lift the slightly drooping nose tip. Today I used the new filler product "Regenyal Rhinoplast", which I have been using for a long time and have not

Before and 3 Weeks After Natural Male Rhinoplasty

Natural Male Nose Job Before and 3rd Week We performed open technique micromotor assisted rhinoplasty operation in order to obtain a natural appearance to our male patient with arched nose. You can find the patient's third-week images and pre-operative images below. Male rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping and altering the appearance of the male nose. Just like in female rhinoplasty, the goal is to achieve a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance while maintaining masculine features. However, there are certain considerations that differentiate male rhinoplasty from its female counterpart. Some aspects to consider in male rhinoplasty include: 1. **Masculine Aesthetics**: The primary goal of male rhinoplasty is to maintain or enhance masculine facial features. Surgeons take into account the patient's facial structure, bone structure, and overall facial proportions to ensure that the nose harmonizes well with other facial features. 2. **Subtle Changes**:

Digital Nose Aesthetic Animation

Virtual Aesthetic Nose Job Simulation A digital nose aesthetic animation is a computer-generated visual representation of the changes and enhancements made to a person's nose during a rhinoplasty procedure. It is a simulated animation that allows the patient and the surgeon to preview the potential outcome of the surgery before the actual procedure takes place. The process involves creating a 3D digital model of the patient's face and nose using advanced imaging and modeling techniques. The surgeon can then manipulate the digital model to demonstrate different surgical approaches, alterations in the nose shape, and the potential final results of the rhinoplasty. Benefits of digital rhinoplasty animation The benefits of talking face-to-face with patients while animating pre-operative digital rhinoplasty can be listed below: - discussion of possible surgical outcomes - understanding the patient's expectations for the outcome of the surgery - demonstration of the effects of su

Does HPV DNA Screening From Mouthwash Give Definitive Results?

Oral HPV Tests and Different Information HPV virus can be found in the mouth without causing any lesions and without causing any symptoms. Tests such as HPV DNA screening from a swab or mouthwash applied for diagnostic and screening purposes, excisional biopsy and HPV DNA screening from biopsy samples can be performed. However, when taking a swab or mouthwash, this test may not always give a positive result in the mouth, eating root plants such as lemon, vinegar, radish, garlic, onion, which have antiviral activity on the HPV virus, and using alcoholic or alcoholic mouthwashes. Do not forget that it may cause negative in HPV screening tests, albeit temporarily. HPV DNA screening from mouthwash can provide valuable information about the presence of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the oral cavity. However, it's important to understand that no diagnostic test can be considered 100% definitive. Here are some key points to consider: 1. Sensitivity and Specificity: HPV DNA screening tests

Asymmetric Thick Skinned Women's Nose Aesthetics - Before and 2 Weeks After Surgery

Asymmetric Oily Thick Skinned Female Nose Job Photos Below are the nasal photos of a female patient with thick and oily skin and an asymmetrical nose structure, before the operation and 2 weeks after the operation. In the photos above, it can be seen that the patient with scoliotic light reflection and thick-skinned nose features a very symmetrical result in the nose after rhinoplasty, and the nose is still edematous. At the request of the patient, a natural result was tried to be achieved by performing the least possible uprighting at the tip of the nose. In asymmetric noses, some of the previous asymmetric reflections may reappear after rhinoplasty! Even if a fully symmetrical nose is obtained in asymmetric, scoliotic, twisted, crooked or deviated nose aesthetics, immediately after the operation or in the first weeks; During the healing phase, previous asymmetries may partially occur. The reason for this is that rhinoplasty operation is a living tissue change, the body has the capaci

Thick Skinned Female Rhinoplasty - Pre-operative, 1st Month and 5th Month Photos

Thick Skin Nose Aesthetics Photos Below, you can find photos of a female patient with very thick skin, before the rhinoplasty operation, 1 month after the operation and 5 months after the operation. There are studies emphasizing that by administering oral isotretinoin tablets and monitoring liver enzymes, the fatty subcutaneous tissue in the nasal skin can be reduced and the skin thinned. In patients with thick and oily skin structure, a round or ball-like swollen nasal tip may occur due to unexpected unfavorable healing responses, abnormal skin swelling and excessive camouflage effect of the skin. Recovery may be slower and may take longer in these patients. In the photos above, it is noticed that the nose is getting thinner and there is still edema in the nose despite the 5th month. In these patients, open technique nose surgery, two-level skin dissection and subcutaneous tissue dissection, subcutaneous tissue removal can be performed. Cartilage support can be preserved as much as po