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No Changes Regarding Omicron Variant!

No Changes Yet in the Measures Regarding the Coronavirus in Istanbul Our patients often ask us if there is an update on this situation, as they know that the coronavirus epidemic has increased again and that the positive cases are increasing due to the Omicron variant. Currently, the current coronavirus measures applied before surgical procedures are as follows: - It is necessary to have a PCR test result 1-3 days before the operation and this test result must of course be negative - The PCR test performed in your own country or your digital vaccination card is not sufficient for the operation - Some hospitals want a negative PCR test result for the patient's companion, which was done within 1-3 days - Our patients usually come to Istanbul for PCR test 1 day before the operation. The PCR test does not necessarily have to be done at the hospital where the operation is planned. In Turkey, PCR tests performed in laboratories and hospitals authorized by the Ministry of Health are accep

We Performed Revision Nose Surgery For Correcting the Pollybeak Deformity With Nasal Valve Collapse

Parrot Beak Nose Deformity and Alar Collapse We found Pollybeak Deformity and bilateral nasal valve collapse, retracted columella in the patient who applied with the complaints of nasal deformity and nasal obstruction after a rhinoplasty operation performed in a different clinic. We planned an open technique revision nose tip aesthetic operation for the patient. Due to the patient's complaints of collapse of the nasal wings and severe nasal congestion, especially while breathing, and the patient's request, the nasal wings were cut and reduced during the operation (alar base resection). Reaction and cystic structure due to permanent suture material were observed at the tip of the patient's nose. This cystic structure under the skin was excised. Cartilage excision was performed from the supratip. Bilateral alar batten graft and marginal rim grafts were placed. Columellar strut graft was placed. Pressure nose banding was applied to the patient. Follow-up was planned. Most of t

Herpes Infection Before and After Rhinoplasty

Nasal Herpes and Nose Aesthetic Surgery Herpes virus infection in the nasal region can occur before or after surgery. Herpes simplex infection, in other words herpes, may occur due to many different reasons such as stress, hunger, sun rays, contact, fatigue, vitamin deficiency. When I am close to the incisions at the tip of the nose, it may spread to the cartilages after surgery and cause various problems. Sometimes herpes virus infections in combination with bacterial infections can develop into inflammatory lesions. As seen in the photo on the right, in a patient who is scheduled for surgery, all virus lesions and inflamed areas are seen on the nose tip. Maybe the stress of surgery can be said as a reason in this case, but as seen in the photo on the side, it is appropriate to postpone the surgery in patients with herpes lesions and to protect the patient from possible complications. In this way, it is appropriate to use regular sleep vitamin supplements, local anti-herpetic drugs in

Reducing the Nostrils (Alar Base Resection) and Enlarging the Nostrils With a Small Amount of Filler in 5 Minutes in Office Conditions

Very Small Touches to The Tip of The Nose in Office Conditions Instead of Revision Nose Aesthetics A patient who had undergone rhinoplasty in a different clinic due to severe asymmetrical nasal deformity applied to our clinic because of asymmetry in the nostrils. Since the patient did not want another complicated nose operation, we planned to perform a few "small, minimally traumatic" procedures in office conditions. We determined that the right nostril of the patient was larger, since the base of the patient's right nostril was wider than the left. We found that there was a limited amount of pitting due to collapse at the incision site in the upper left corner of the left wing. We performed alar base resection for the right nostril under local anesthesia and a limited amount of filler injection to the upper corner of the left nostril. It may be necessary to repeat the self-absorbable nasal filling, but the asymmetry between the nostrils was reduced as much as possible wi

Rhinoplasty Failure and Guaranteed Nose Aesthetics

Failed Jose Job Policies As in every surgical procedure, problems with unexpected healing, clarification of previous asymmetries or various deformities may occur after rhinoplasty operations. It is useful to discuss this issue with our doctor before the rhinoplasty operation, because different clinics may have different rules for their patients. For example, some  clinics directly say more than one operation fee, especially for patients with asymmetric rhinoplasty, and express that they can afford three or four operations without additional charge in case of asymmetry or problems after the operation. In particular, it includes the inclusion of the next revision rhinoplasty, called " health insurance covered rhinoplasty ", which is covered by the health insurances of some clinics abroad, by paying an extra but net fee of 7 to 10 times in advance, without paying any fee. In rhinoplasty operations performed in this way, a large amount of money has to be paid by the patient befor

Very Thick Skinned Male Nose Aesthetics, After 1,2,3 and 6th Months Comparative Video

Men's Rhinoplasty For Ethnic Thick Skinned Nose - Before and After Images, Videos We performed an open technique rhinoplasty operation on the patient with very thick skin and an asymmetrical nose tip. We also performed bilevel underkin tissuse dissection and underskin tissue removal for the patient. In this patient, the underskin tissue taken from the nasal tip and supratip region was shifted to the upper side for nose root augmentation. You can see the stabilizing suture material at the root of the nose in the videos and photos below. We have used it as a natural and permanent filling material. Although the skin structure is made thinner with this process; Since it is a genetic feature, there is a possibility that this tissue will be reproduced by the body, depending on the genetic skin structure characteristics inherited from the patient's mother or father. In order to slow down this wound healing and tissue production, there are many herbal and drug-produced tablet, gel and