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We Performed Deviated Nose Aesthetic Surgery For Male Patient

Asymmetric Nose Correction Operation We performed an open technique rhinoplasty operation on a male patient with asymmetrical light reflections on the nose and thick skin features. When viewed from the front and above, you can see the asymmetrical areas on the nasal bone, nose tip and nasal wings. Nasal arch reduction, left marginal rim grafting, bilateral alar base resection and dome stitche technique, cap graft and columellar stut graft were applied to the patient with the help of micromotor. In this way, even if a fully symmetrical light reflection is obtained in patients with asymmetries in multiple areas on the nose; When the recovery is completed in the long term, asymmetric injuries and asymmetric healing tissue are naturally occur due to the effect of asymmetric healing tissues that occur in asymmetric surgeon trauma areas (ie, asymmetric injury and production of asymmetric healing tissue is natural since more operations are performed on one nasal bone side on the other). Gener

V-Block Antimicrobial Coated Glass Produced

Turkish Glass Manufacturer Produces Antimicrobial Glass Cups and Other Glass Products! - Antimicrobial V-Block Technology During the current period, when coronavirus saga continues all over the world, the Turkish glass manufacturing company (Şişecam - Paşabahçe Glass Industry and trade A.P.) announced glass cups and other glass products produced by "V-Block Technology", which can significantly reduce the reproduction of viruses, fungi and bacteria on the glass surface. Link to reports published by the company > > V-Block reports By developing a special coating technology that neutralizes viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces, Şişecam Group has implemented 'antimicrobial V-Block Technology' that will contribute to the fight against the epidemic. The antimicrobial effectiveness of the world's first antimicrobial coated glassware products with V-Block Technology has been reported to be quite high. V-Block Technology covers the surface, preventing harmful organ

We Performed Lip Tie ve Tongue Tie Release Surgery (Frenectomy)

Frenectomy With Thermal Welding Device We detected type 4 upper lip tie and type 2 tongue tie in a baby with breastfeeding problems, split teeth and walking problems. The operation was started under sedation anesthesia, and after local anesthetic infiltration, we marked the incision areas with the help of a clamp. Triangular tissue was removed from both lip tie and tongue tie. Thermal welding device was used and cuts were made only in "cutting mode". In this way, the possibility of heat damage to the incision area is reduced. Especially in tongue tie operations, when cautery, electrocautery, some laser types and radiofrequency devices are used, which can cause heat damage, it is thought that the sensory nerves in neighboring areas may also be damaged. After the procedure, mucosal sutures were made with self-absorbable suture materials. The opeasron time done here is about 10 minutes. The patient can eat and discharge from the hospital 1.5 to 2 hours after the procedure. I h

We Performed Nose Tip Plasty Operation For Men

Treatment of Droopy Nose Tip A male patient presented to our clinic with the complaints of nasal obstruction, sagging and enlargement at the tip of the nose, especially when laughing. In the examination of the patient, it was determined that due to nasal septum deviation and weak nasal tip cartilage tissue support, droopy nose tip, turbinate hypertrophy and narrow nasal valve angle. Open technique nasal tip aesthetics operation as well as septoplasty, radiofrequency and turbinate reduction and nose tip lifting operations were planned for the patient. In the video above and in the photos below, you can see the nose photos before and after the operation. Reduction of the nasal arch or nasal bone osteotomy was not performed due to the patient's desire to have the least possible anatomical changes and minimal surgical trauma. They are absorbable suture materials that test camouflage cartilages at the tip of the nose. After the operation, internal silicone splints were placed in this an

We Performed Upper Lip Nevus Excision With Crooked Nose Aeshthetic!

Rhinoplasty For Crooked Nose and Lip Nevus Removal The patient, who developed nasal deformity and nasal obstruction due to previous nasal trauma, applied to our clinic for surgical treatment. Examination of the patient revealed caudal septal dislocation , severe septum deviation , and crooked nose deformity . We performed an open technique septorhinoplasty operation on the patient. During the operation, it was found that the nasal septum was folded over itself and the nasal airway was quite narrow. Lesions compatible with nevus approximately 2 cm in diameter on the left side of the upper lip of the patient were removed during the operation with an optional biopsy and histopathological evaluation was reported as simple skin nevus. As in the patient I shared with you here, it is not always possible to obtain a fully symmetrical result with technical operation in patients with severe asymmetrical and curved nasal deformity. In the post-operative photographs, it is seen that the nasal axis