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Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 43 - Lubricant Products That Can Be Used For Nose Massage After Rhinoplasty?

Oily Products That Can Be Used When Massaging After Rhinoplasty Post rhinoplasty massage After the nasal aesthetic surgery, there are different application suggestions of different physicians about nose massage. When nasal massage is performed incorrectly and unconsciously, nasal distortion and vice versa may cause negative tissue healing. I would like to share with you the oil and similar products that can be used for nose massage. Please note that we will talk to you in detail about how to use these oils and how to clean the fats (these oils should not be applied directly to the area of the open skin and mucosal damaged areas).

Oils and other products for nasal massage:

- Pure olive oil
- Centaury oil (red and yellow centaury)
- Johnson Baby Fat
- Castor Oil (Castor Oil)
- Bio Oil
- Essential oil (volatile oil, ethereal oil, aetherolea) Extra virgin olive oil

Nose massage can be done by using pure olive oil after nose surgery. Due to its vitamin content and moisturizing prop…

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 42 - Will Nasal Packing Be Needed After Rhinoplasty Operation?

Is Nose Packing Necessary After Rhinoplasty? Is nasal packing really required after rhinoplasty?  Will nasal packing be needed after rhinoplasty operation? - Is nose packing necessary after rhinoplasty? - Is packing the nose needed after nose job? - Is nasal packing necessary after rhinoplasty operation? - Is nasal packing really required after rhinoplasty? - Is nasal tampon packs the nose needed after rhinoplasty
During nasal aesthetic surgery, if there is no intervention such as septoplasty in the nose or turbinate radiofrequency procedure; the use of nasal tampon packing may not be required. Nasal aesthetic surgery, usually in the nose to expand the airways in the nose of the curved cartilage areas and turbinate operations are performed. I prefer to use internal nasal silicone splints, which are usually made of soft, completely silicone and fixed in the nose by a suture.

Negative properties of soluble (biodegradable, bioresorbable) nasal packings There are many different fe…

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 41 - When Swelling / Bruising Start To Seen On The Face After The Rhinoplasty Surgery And When Does It Disappear?

Swelling And Bruising Around Nose And Eyes After Rhinoplasty  Bruising after rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty surgery, bruising and edema around the nose and nose may occur in amounts which may vary depending on the amount of bone interventions performed, the skin structure of the patient and the genetic characteristics of the healing process. In women with white skin and thin skin, bruising and swelling may occur more easily after surgery. Many patients "when the rhinitis bruises pass?" asks the question. It usually increases bruising and swelling during the evening and the next 3 days of surgery. Then, it decreases and the green areas are greened and disappear within 2 weeks.

Arched nose, light colored and thin skin structure of the bruise can be seen more! Excessive skin structure, light complexion and a large amount of bone arch need to be pruned on the nose may cause a greater degree of bruising after surgery. As the amount of blood leaking into the skin incre…

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 40 - When Is The First Time Eat And Drink After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Foods That Can Be Eaten After A Rhinoplasty Operation When can you eat after rhinoplasty operation?
Nasal aesthetic surgery is performed mostly under general anesthesia and it is necessary to be hungry and thirsty for at least 8 hours for general anesthesia. After the termination of general anesthesia, it is necessary to take approximately 4 hours for the drugs to be completely removed from the body. For this reason, after the nose surgery at least 4 hours after the meal should be eaten and water should be consumed. Some of my patients, more, 3 hours after the early years of general muscle movements, we see the replacement, I let the water in the upright position. The lips can be wetted during the 4-hour surgery period. Don't worry, during surgery, the fluid your body needs is already intravenously given through the serum.

Should a special nutrition be required at surgery day? 

On the day of the operation of the nose aesthetic surgery, although a special diet is not defined, …

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 39 - Sleeping Position After Rhinoplasty Operation

When Can I Sleep Lying Down Again After Nose Job? Sleep positions after nose job

In nasal aesthetic surgery, nasal splints are placed which fix the nasal bone and provide little protection against side impacts. The nasal splints cannot protect the nasal support against bumps on the nose and excessive bumps. For this reason, I recommend that patients who have undergone nasal surgery should lie down in secret. For the first 3 weeks, it is ideal to lie angled up to 45 degrees from the waist so that the head stays up. It is ideal to lie supine in the horizontal position after the 3 nd week. After 3 nd week "C-shaped" passenger pillows can be used for sleeping to prevent nasal trauma.  During the deep sleep, sleeping on the back by putting pillows on both sides may prevent a pulse coming right or left over the nose. 
The bed can be supported by placing a pillow on the sides and the supine position of the bed. Don't worry, you'll be wrapped up and bandaged as see…

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 38 - How Soon Can You Exercise After A Nose Job?

Exercising After Rhinoplasty Can I exercise after rhinoplasty?

After the nasal aesthetic surgery, especially in the first 10 days, heavy exercise may increase the tension and all the sports activities can cause nosebleeds. In evening coolness, approximately 40 minutes of rhythm walking can be performed from the first day after the operation.

Weight lifting and bodybuilding after rhinoplasty
After the nose aesthetic surgery, the head leaning forward by lifting the load, the head and nose blood pressure abnormal increases in the head and nose bleeding, facial area may cause an increase in bruising and edema. Likewise, lifting heavy loads can have a similar effect. Should any kind of head-leaning sports activities should be suspended for at least 1 month

Do not raise your head up directly after surgery!

Boxing and ball games (basketball, valleyball, football ...) after rhinoplasty
Any kind of ball games (basketball, valleyball, football ...) and combat sports that are likely to come …

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 37 - How to Perform Cold Application and How Much Time Should Be Done After Rhinoplasty?

How to Apply Cold Application to The Nose After Rhinoplasty? How much time should be cold application done after rhinoplasty? After rhinoplasty surgery, it is beneficial to perform cold application to reduce nose and facial edema. Cooling gels for cold application, ice molds placed in the glove or a more modern cold treatment system (Hilotherapy System) can be used.

In order not to adversely affect tissue healing, I recommend intermittent cold application method and time for at least 1 to 2 days after surgery. Especially in patients who underwent revision nose surgery, complicated rhinoplasty or thick-skinned rhinoplasty, the longer the expected amount of edema, the greater the chances of cold application.

Prolonged "0 degrees" or with lower temperature cold application can disrupt the tissue healing and it can increase the edema. It is more ideal to perform intermittent cold application. I am advising to apply 45 min cold application and 15 min break to the nose side…

Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 36 - How to Apply Cold Application to The Nose After Rhinoplasty?

How to Reduce Swelling With Cold Application After Rhinoplasty  Apply a cold compress after rhinoplasty?

After the nose aesthetic operation, the head of the patient's bed is increased from the waist to increase the level of the heart and blood pressure in the head is reduced by reducing blood leakage and bruising can be reduced. In addition, many clinics recommend cold application as standard after nose surgery. In hospitals with a modern cold treatment tool, the Hilotherapy System, this device can be applied to the facial area in a practical way. In hospitals where this device is not available, I prefer to apply 45 min cold application and 15 min break to the nose sides by putting ice into two disposible gloves or using cooling gels. There are discussions about these periods.

Hilotherapy System
Cold application after rhinoplasty surgery is effective in reducing bleeding, bruising and pain. The ideal is that the cold application is about 15-20 degrees. Application at temper…